3 Things That You Need To Know About Butterfly Koi

3 Things That You Need To Know About Butterfly Koi

Despite its beautiful appearance, the Butterfly koi has yet to earn the recognition of koi connoisseurs.

Some breeders might even go as far as saying that the Butterfly koi can’t really be classified as koi.

Regardless, the Butterfly koi remains eye-catching and truly deserving of its name.

So whether you’re interested in getting a Butterfly koi for your pond or just want to know what the fuss is all about, this article will tell you all about Butterfly koi that you need to know.

Butterfly Koi

All about Butterfly koi’s origins

To understand why the Butterfly koi still hasn’t gained recognition in koi shows and among koi experts, it’s important to know all about Butterfly koi’s origins.

The Butterfly koi is said to have originated from Indonesia, a result of breeding the traditional koi with the wild Indonesian longfin river carp.

This interbreeding was supposedly to increase the hardiness of the traditional koi.

Due to this interbreeding, however, the Butterfly koi no longer falls within the criteria of the traditional koi and, as such, is typically considered a “mutt” in the koi world.

All about Butterfly koi’s characteristics

Because of its origins, the characteristics of the Butterfly koi are pretty distinctive from that of the traditional koi.

In fact, one of the reasons why the Butterfly koi still hasn’t gained recognition in koi shows is because the characteristics which make a traditional koi breed perfect (conformity, relationship of fin to body, and pattern differences) cannot be found in the Butterfly koi.

So what sets the Butterfly koi from other traditional koi breeds? The following are some of its most notable characteristics:

Butterfly Koi

Traditional Koi v Butterfly Koi

Compared to the traditional koi, the Butterfly koi have fins that are much larger in proportion to their bodies.

In fact, this characteristic is what earned the Butterfly koi its name: its long, flowing fins look just like Butterfly wings.

The fin to body ratio of traditional koi breeds is usually 1:5, while that of the Butterfly koi falls within the 1:3 range.

Color of The Butterfly Koi

The Butterfly koi comes in all colors and patterns.

Unlike traditional koi breeds that are set apart by their colors and patterns, the Butterfly koi’s most distinctive characteristic are its fins.

While colors and patterns certainly add value to the Butterfly koi, the length and appearance of the fins is of greater value.

How Big do These Koi Fish Grow?

The Butterfly koi is not as big as traditional koi breeds.

While the Butterfly koi can grow up to 40 inches in a pond with plenty of food, its body type is typically more slender than traditional breeds, which tends to be more oval.

While the Butterfly koi is certainly a hardy breed, it must be noted that the fins of a Butterfly koi is pretty delicate, so they must be handled and transported with care.

Despite not being a pure koi breed as other traditional koi variants, the beauty of this breed I enough to make people want to know all about Butterfly koi.

And if you have your eye on taking care of something gorgeous instead of winning competitions, this breed might just be for you.

butterfly Koi

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