3 Things to Watch out for – Koi Fish Disease

3 Things to Watch out for – Koi Fish Disease

Deciding to take care of koi fishes means being willing to know how to identify and treat common koi fish diseases.

The good news is that koi fishes are very resilient, so they are less susceptible to contracting diseases.

All the same, koi enthusiasts – beginner or otherwise – need to have an idea of koi fish diseases exposed.

Koi Fish Diseases Exposed: How To Know If Your Koi Fishes Are Infected

If your koi fishes are from good stock and if your koi pond is well-maintained, then your koi fishes will likely grow and stay healthy.

Unfortunately, sudden changes in environmental conditions, or the introduction of new koi fishes, might cause a spread of diseases in your koi pond.

Before all your fishes contract diseases, it’s best to know the tell-tale signs of koi sickness.

Here are the symptoms of koi fish diseases exposed:

1. Koi constant jumping out of the pond

Koi fishes don’t really jump out of ponds when they are happy.

On the contrary, they jump when the pond conditions are less than ideal.

For example, if they have parasites or gill filament damage, then they will probably jump to get more oxygen.

They can also jump if their water has a rather high metal content.

2. Koi excess mucus production

Koi fishes produce excessive mucus when they are stressed.

So if you notice a sudden excessive mucus production, then you might want to check your pond’s condition.

If your pond seems fine, then you should check out if your koi fishes are suffering from diseases or parasites.

3. Koi missing scales or damaged fins

If there are no koi predators in your area, then the presence of physical damage in your koi fishes entail parasites or bacteria.

Note that strong healthy koi can usually fend off diseases, so physical manifestations of koi diseases entail an already compromised immune system.

Koi Fish

Koi Fish Diseases Exposed: What Are The Most Common Fish Diseases

It’s extremely important for koi fish owners to have a fair understanding of koi fish diseases.

Here are the most common koi fish diseases exposed:

1. White Spot Disease

This disease is caused by a protozoan infection.

The parasite can appear as white grains of salt on your koi and can be quite deadly for smaller koi.

This protozoan begins growing in the pond and later attaches itself to the koi’s gills.

2. Pinecone Disease

The Pinecone Disease, also referred to as Dropsy, is a terminal disease.

Koi fishes affected by this disease will show signs of swelling or lifting of the scales and bulging of the eyes.

3. Tail and Mouth Rot

These diseases are often caused by poor water quality, which in turn weakens the immune system of koi fishes.

Once your koi’s immune system is compromised, the bacteria already present in the water is able to attack your koi more easily.

You don’t have to be a veterinarian to spot when your koi fishes are suffering from diseases.

If you see any changes in terms of your koi’s appearance or behavior, then it means that something is off.

While you can’t fully keep diseases away from your precious fishes, you can always keep them and their environment as healthy as possible.

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