5 Best Bulk Koi Foods

5 Best Bulk Koi Foods

One of the biggest concerns when preparing things for your koi is their diet.

You never want to be without food and should always have a little extra on hand to prevent shortages.

Due to this, many brands actually sell their more popular foods in bulk form.

Plus you’ll find this bulk koi food for sale conveniently online. 

Here are five of the best bulk koi foods you can add to your Amazon cart.

Our Picks For Best Bulk Koi Foods

To decide which foods to include here, we’ve selected the best koi fish food for sale on Amazon and researched them based on nutritional data, reviews, and the value of the product. 

There may be other options that are comparable to those on this list but, in general, these are our five top picks. 

Let’s get into the list.

At around $2.23 per pound, the Iku Koi Kichi Color Enhancer Koi Fish Food is a good choice to get a lot of bang for your buck. Sold in volumes of 40 lb (for $2.23, your best deal), 20lb, 10lb, 5lb, and 2lb sizes, this food can suit a pond of any size and is easy to stock up on. It also has a relatively long expiration date since the vitamin C used in the formula is stabilized, meaning it will not spoil with light exposure. Made in the USA, this food is created from a selection of high quality ingredients and uses a nutrient and vitamin blend to provide color enhancement, immune support, and growth support that suits feeding in all seasons.
Being one of the most loved and trusted names in the fish care industry, the Blue Ridge products are cult favorites among most fish keepers. This platinum formula food is a great choice for those looking to stock up on supplies since it works out to around $2.99 per pound. Available in 50lb (best value), 14lb, and 4.5lb containers, this food features top quality protein, carbohydrates, and amino acids to assist with easy digestion and growth. The food is also great for keeping the water clean and acts as an immune stimulant, benefitting the overall health of your pond.
A fantastic no frills option, the Aquatic Foods Inc. Pellets are a great option for someone looking to stock up on a basic, bulk food. At just a $1.70 per pound for the best deal, these foods are incredibly affordable. Available in 200lb (best deal), 100lb, 51lb, 40lb, 20lb, 10lb, and 5lb options, this food is probably one of the cheapest of this quality that you can get through online retailers. The company also includes sample packages of frozen krill and freeze dried silkworms to test as supplementary foods for your fish, as well, which is a rather thoughtful touch.
A complete nutritional block for koi, the Mazuri Koi Pond Nuggets are an incredibly high quality food that provides some of the highest nutrient content of any food available on Amazon. For around $2.50 a pound, you can get a 20 pound bag of food. While not the lowest price or largest amount, this food is worth the extra cost. Mazuri uses shelf stable vitamin C to extend the shelf life and curates the ingredients in the food to ensure it is highly palpable, meaning fish will readily eat it. The food also contains spirulina algae and other additives to provide extra color and immune support, as well as growth enhancement agents.
Wheat germ is known as a great agent for fertility and vitality in koi fish. This food is based around the ingredient with the intention of assisting in breeding and preserving the health of your fish. Other additives also increase the luster of the skin and improve the coloration of your fish, giving them a bright, bold appearance. As a highly nutrient dense sinking pellet, the Hikari Sinking Wheat Germ Pellets are a great supplementary food to add to your routine. Due to them being intended to use as a supplement, the food is more expensive at around $12 per pound but since you use it in tandem with another bulk food, it does balance out. Plus, the two pack is convenient for keeping the food fresh longer, as well, since once remains closed until you are ready to use it.

Time To Bulk Up on Your Koi Food

Regardless of which food you opt for, having a good amount in stock is a smart move. 

Keeping your fish well fed is key in ensuring they remain healthy and happy, so go ahead and buy a few back ups! 

Your fish will thank you.