5 Best Foods for Koi Fish

5 Best Foods for Koi Fish

When shopping for koi food, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose between the literal hundreds of different options. With every single brand and variation claiming to be the best of the best, it is nearly impossible to choose without a bit of research. Let’s take a look at five of the best foods for koi fish that you can find on Amazon.

Our Picks

When choosing our picks for best foods for koi fish, we took the value, ingredients, and customer reviews into account, as well as the overall quality of the product as a whole. There are tons of other amazing products on the market; we just find these five to be absolutely outstanding for the reasons detailed in each listing.

A balanced diet for everyday feeding, this all seasonally suitable food is a great choice for beginners since it has everything you need all in one go. The medium pellets are easy to digest and soften quickly in the water despite being a floating formula, making for less mess and no water cloudiness. With a minimum of thirty two percent protein, this food offers a good base for tissue formation, leading to enhanced growth. The food is also fantastic for warmer periods of the year since it has a unique blend of amino acids and nutrients but can be used for colder times as well. With hundreds of fantastic reviews singing its praises, the Laguna All Season Goldfish & Koi Floating Food is an overall solid choice.

2. Shinju White Pearl Enhancer Wheat Germ

A food utilizing the fertility boosting power of wheat germ, the Shinju White Pearl Enhancer Wheat Germ food is fantastic for not only promoting healthy breeding and fry development, but also helps to enhance the appearance of your fish due to the unique nutrient blend that includes vitamin C and amino acids. This formula specifically targets the white areas of your koi’s skin, making it crisper and brighter than ever before and promoting an overall improvement in the coloration of your fish. If you want vibrancy, you cannot wish for more than this fantastic option.

Created by breeder preferred brand Hikari, the Saki Growth Pellets are a great option for those who are a little more experienced with koi and wish to start breeding or are looking for something with a little extra nutritional content. Manufactured in Japan, the food uses high quality ingredients to promote explosive growth and general improvements in the activity levels, energy levels, and appearance of your fish. Plus, the formulation assists in healthy breeding and fry production, which is key in maintaining your population.

From trusted brand TetraPond, this basic koi growth food is a good bulk food for beginners that is rich in vital nutrients. The high protein blend helps promote tissue formation and general immune health, especially when paired with the scientifically proven beneficial additive mix the brand curates for all of their fish products. Safe for daily feedings, this food is specifically formulated to promote rapid growth. The TetraPond brand has been trusted since 1951 and is a household name due to its consistent product quality and control measures. This foolproof product is great to have on hand for beginners and experienced owners alike.
Touted as one of the absolute best foods for koi fish on the market today, the Dainichi Premium Koi Food has a bit of a cult following. Many people swear they see results very soon after starting the food, with the biggest impact being made to the coloration and general appearance of their fish, along with the activity levels. Their fish seem much more lively and healthy, leading many reviewers to fully believe the claims Dainichi has made about this fabulous product.


In today’s market, we are fortunate enough to get to have an endless array of choices. We can feed our fish any combination of foods and generally have a wider variety than ever before. These five are a good starting point and provide a great base nutritional block for your koi. Good luck!