5 Best Gravity Fed Pond Filters

5 Best Gravity Fed Pond Filters

Gravity fed pond filters are filters that use gravity to push the water through the filtration media and back into the water after a pump pushes the water into the filter’s inlet. 

Gravity filters are incredibly popular since they are rather easy to maintain and use. Here are our picks for the five best gravity fed pond filters.

Our Picks

To choose our picks for the best gravity fed pond filters, we looked at reviews, pricing, and overall value based on product specs. 

These are the best we found on Amazon and are solid choices for any pond setting.

From OASE, this filter is a fantastic product that offers both mechanical and biological filtration through the gravity fed single chamber process. 

The high surface area foam media works to remove debris effectively and the biological screens work to balance out bacteria and promote good bacteria growth, decreasing waste and harmful chemicals within the pond. 

Suitable for ponds up to 5,000 gallons, this filter works to clean the pond while also providing an indicator to help notify you when the filtration media needs to be cleaned or replaced. 

A thermometer shows you the temperature of the water of your pond at all times.

Great for smaller ponds up to 1600 gallons, this Grech filter has both biological and mechanical filter chambers, offering dual cleansing of your pond’s water, removing debris and regulating bacteria growth. 

The product has an easy maintenance system to ensure you do not have to fuss or fight with the filter to clean the media and enables the rapid growth of aerobic bacteria to assist in the breaking down of harmful ammonia and other waste byproducts. 

The brand also claims the filter can handle a higher water flow than traditional gravity filters, which is a plus if you want rapid cleaning.

Suitable for large ponds up to 18,000 gallons, this OASE filter is a workhorse that provides intensive cleaning for ponds that are typically out of the gravity filter effectiveness range. 

Featuring biotic screened filters, this product works to remove debris from high flow volumes. 

This screen is special since the water reaches it before the padded foam media layer, catching larger debris pieces before they can clog the foam. 

The filter also has an extra media chamber for an extra filtration style of your choice that comes factory filled with Oases Possess filterant. 

If you have a large pond, this filter is worth the high price tag and will last for years to come!

Great for both water gardens and koi ponds, this PondH2o filter is fantastic for areas up to 3100 gallons

Each system has two blue foam filters and two yellow foam filters. 

The blue works to remove coarse debris and the yellow filters out finer sediment pieces. 

This provides some of the most thorough, intensive filtration within the price range, since each step provides double filtration. 

Many reviewers report that this filter provides some of the clearest water they have experienced and that they will not use any other brand simply because of how effective this product is for the price.

With a four star rating, this is one of the most beloved low volume filters on the market. 

This product is highly affordable and suits five hundred gallon ponds extremely well. 

Despite being gravity fed, this product also uses UV and biological filtration to control algae and bacterial growth, regulating the nitrogen cycle of the pond, as well. 

For the price, a small pond owner cannot go wrong with this fantastic product.


Gravity fed pond filters are widely loved due to their easy to use nature and low maintenance requirements. 

These five filters are fantastic and will fit any pond perfectly; just do your research and find the perfect fit for your pond’s volume and fish load and you’re all set!