5 Best Koi Foods For Growth

5 Best Koi Foods For Growth

Perhaps the most exciting part of having koi is getting to watch them grow and develop into the massive, art inspiring and beautiful fish that we so often see depicted. To help them move along and grow, you must feed them a nutrient rich diet that is diversified in the vitamin and mineral additive choices enough to promote tissue growth.

Here are our picks for the five best koi foods for growth.

Most top koi brands have done a fairly good job of creating growth foods to assist in getting your fish to a mature size. Still, some seem to truly shine among the rest. Let’s discuss the five top options we have found on Amazon and what makes them so special.

A widely underrated brand, Ultra Balance offers some very affordable and high quality products that contain many of the same nutritional additives of bigger, more established brands that come with higher price tags. This is one of their products.

Containing things like spirulina, marigold extract, and shrimp meal, this food promotes tissue development and color enhancement, leading to your fish getting bigger faster and looking amazing in the meantime.

Probiotics and yucca extract are also added to help reduce ammonia production and ease digestion, leading to clearer water and better growing conditions, as well.

Another overlooked option, the Eco Labs Summer Staple Koi and Goldfish Food does not outright claim to be a growth enhancing food but it still contains some powerful ingredients that do work to promote health and development.

Many people also report that this food has helped with their koi’s fertility, with one user reporting finding babies among the roots of her aquatic plants that she did not anticipate.

This food is incredibly well rounded and serves as a great multi-purpose purchase that you certainly will not regret.

Unlike the previous two, this food is getting quite a bit of hype in the fishkeeping community. Created by popular brand Blue Ridge, the Koi and Goldfish Growth Formula works to directly target the nutritional needs that stimulate growth and development in both koi and goldfish.

This food gives you access to some of the ingredients used by top breeding companies for a fraction of the price you would pay to buy product directly from them via their private label.

The brand is so confident you will love this product that they even offer a money back guarantee, showcasing just how much they believe in the quality of this item.

Based with menhaden fish meal, the Blackwater Premium Koi and Goldfish Max Growth Formula provides a high dose of protein, which is vital to the production of new muscle and tissue.

Part of the staple diet used by several top US breeders, this food is well rounded, providing both a good growth base and a stable maintenance level for, mature koi fish.

No matter what your goals for growth are, this food from Blackwater is a fantastic choice that will certainly not let you down.

Created by trusted Japanese based brand Saki-Hikarithis food is intended for color enhancement but also works to promote good tissue formation and structure.

The food is carefully created with exact amounts of specific target ingredients and is intensively quality tested, resulting in a pure end product like no other.

Nutrients, including those derived from spirulina, work to help your fish grow and be as healthy as possible while still providing a good base for other necessary vitamin and mineral levels.

5 Best Koi Food For Growth Conclusion

Out of all of the high quality koi foods on Amazon, these five are our top picks due to their incredible features and generally beneficial nature. You cannot go wrong with any of these but feel free to do your own further research and make an informed decision. Good luck!