5 Best Pond Bead Filters

5 Best Pond Bead Filters

5 Best Pond Bead Filters

Customizing filter media for your pond is a great way to provide exactly what your pond needs at any given time. 

More mechanical filtering for high debris set ups or biological for high fish loads can make a massive difference in the overall health of your pond. 

Here are our picks for five of the best pond bead filters that work to promote bacterial colonization and provide a host of benefits.

Our Pick of Koi Pond Bead Filters

To compile this list, we researched the price, specs, and review data of many products. 

These seemed to be the most well rounded, so we thought we’d bring them to your attention! Here are our top five best pond bead filters.

Aqua claims that this product does the work of two filters, cleaning with both mechanical and biological filtration medias. The Ultima II uses tubular media to provide non-clumping cleaning. The filter is even pre seeded with bacteria, meaning you do not have to wait to use it. Additionally, you do not have to fuss with the backwash system that can pose a frustrating challenge with comparable products; the internal jet system of this filter works amazingly to clean everything up and keep the filter running smoothly, all you have to do is turn a valve!

Available in quite a few different variations to suit different pond sizes, this product is a universal fit that has something for everyone. EasyPro Pond Products curated this filter to be easy to use and highly functional, with tube media and an easy flow six control backwash system. The minimal pressure used in this filter creates little backpressure and the back flush cleaning system has a clear tubing lineup to allow easy monitoring of the entire cleaning process from start to finish. With all of its perks, this filter truly gives other more expensive models a run for their money.

3. Advantage Ponds Evolution Bio Bead Filters

Designed to work well with low amp pumps, this filter from Advantage Ponds is an affordable option that packs a punch without being overpowered, making it great for ponds that may be on the small side or situations where a heavy flow may cause distress and disruption. With a seven position valve system and easy fit valve heads, this product makes keeping your pond clean as easy as it could possibly be. Additionally, a large mesh screen inside the filter prevents large debris from getting into the media or the media being released into the pond during backwashing, as well.

One of the more expensive options, this filter is worth the price tag if you are operating on a professional level or otherwise need something powerful and direct. Perfectly suited for koi ponds with volumes up to 2,000 gallons, this filter works well with up to fifty pounds of koi fish and has an average water backwash of around 25 gallons. The filter also includes three pre-assembled schedule 80 unions and pre-mounted male adapters for all needed connections. Plus, there are other versions that are suitable for up to 32,000 gallons!

Another rather expensive option, the GC Tek Aquabead Filter is still worth considering just due to the sheer amount of functions and perks it comes with. Featuring the brand’s unique Aquaswirl Internal Vortex functionality this filter pushes all large debris to the center, where it can be easily purged from the water. Additionally, the unique Aquabead Bead Agitator operates to shake off any clumps in the bead media and remove sludge without stripping away beneficial bacteria, which can occur with other similar models. Plus, the brand offers a limited lifetime warranty which is fantastic if you are planning to invest in such a product! All in all and price aside, this is perhaps one of the best, professional grade pond bead filters on the market today.

Choosing The Right Koi Pond Bead Filter For Your Koi

Koi pond bead filters are a fantastic option if you are looking to invest in a long term filtration option. 

With such an investment, research is definitely a good thing to have on your side. 

We hope this helps you make an informed decision concerning which model and brand is right for you!