$80k For Koi

$80,000 For Koi

One of the most common questions asked by beginner koi enthusiasts is “just how much are koi fish?”

As much as I want to give you a straightforward answer, the truth is that this question is a little tough to answer.

Just how much are koi fish?

Surprise, surprise!

A koi fish can cost anywhere from less than $10 to upwards of $20,000.

See what I’m talking about?

In order to know just how much are koi fish, we must consider a number of factors.

In this article, I’ll tell you the usual price range for koi fishes, as well as explain what accounts for the price difference.

Just how much are koi fish?

As I’ve said earlier, koi fishes can cost anywhere from $10 to $20,000.

The price can go higher if we’re talking about rare koi fishes, as well as those that have already won in competitions.

If this is your first time to take care of koi fishes, then you’re probably not yet willing to shell out so much cash on prized koi.

Besides, it’s a good idea to start with cheaper and hardier koi varieties first so you can get used to taking care of koi first.

If you plan on starting out with young koi fishes, then we’re talking about less than $10 per fish, but the price can get lower if you buy more.

Scout different koi breeders first to make sure that you’re getting the best offer.

Why are some koi fishes more expensive than others?

Different factors can affect the price of koi fishes.

The factors which can drive up the price of koi are the following:

  • Variety of koi.

    Rarer koi varieties of course tend to be pricier, as well as those which are from award winning stock. If you’re looking for cheaper koi varieties, then you should check out fish stores or koi breeders who do not enter their koi fishes in competitions.


  • Size of koi.

    Koi fishes can get quite big if they come from good stock and if they are well taken care of. So if you are looking for koi fishes that will grow big, then be prepared to pay a little more. The same goes for buying already mature koi fish. If a mature koi fish is already big, then that means that a lot of care has been given to it while it was growing up – and the price will definitely reflect this.


  • Color of koi.

    Koi fishes that flawlessly display the defining characteristics of its type will definitely cost higher than koi fishes with some flaws or those that are considered less ideal. The good news is that even koi fishes which are “not flawless” are still visually appealing and can liven up your pond just as well as any other koi fishes.


And there you have the answers to the question “just how much are koi fish?”

If you feel like taking care of koi might be too expensive for you, just remember that there is always a koi for every budget!


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