A Guide to Where to Buy 1000 Koi Fry From

A Guide to Where to Buy 1000 Koi Fry From

Stocking a koi pond, whether for breeding or for personal enjoyment, can be a costly and stressful venture.

Looking for specific patterns or species can be tricky since many breeders in the USA and outside of Japan in general breed for bulking, not specific sub-varieties.

Due to this, many people look to just simply take a more randomized approach to stocking their ponds.

Let’s take a look at our guide to where to buy 1000 koi fry from and see if we can help you stock your pond with adorable baby fish that just might turn into stunning adults. 

Why Buy Fry?

Koi fry are koi that have hatched and are viable as fish but still very small and immature.

The appeal of buying koi fry is that their colors have not yet developed so you do not know exactly what you are going to get.

You could end up with stunning, vibrant colors, or plain brown, still very cute fish. Either way, you are in for a treat through watching your koi fish grow and mature under your care.

Purchasing batches of koi fry is especially popular with those looking to get into breeding since it gives a massive cache of fish to choose from.

Typically, you do not keep the entire thousand and cull those that are not exhibiting desirable traits, but even if you do keep them all or raise them to sell them, you are surely going to enjoy the wonderful growth and life cycle of raising koi fish!

Koi Fish by Giovanni Carlo (https://www.giobelkoicenter.com/)

Where to Find Koi Fry

Here are give different places you can find koi fry for sale online.

They offer different amounts at different times of the year, so keep your eyes peeled or try contacting customer service if you want to purchase one thousand koi fry right now but do not see the option listed!

Blackwater Creek has been a mainstay koi farm for years, offering tons of varieties and specialty koi sourced and bred from all over.

Aside from individual fish and bulk purchase of adult varieties, the company also offers koi “peanuts” or babies, too.

All of the babies are unculled as of 2020, meaning that you may get some truly special koi in your batch!

Since they are not cherry-picking out specific nicer koi fry, you never know what will be in your package until it arrives, meaning there is a chance you can get a true diamond in the rough.

Aside from this, Blackwater Creek has a live arrival guarantee and tons of reviews and backing information, showcasing themselves as a reputable and very popular koi breeding operation.

You can grab goldfish and pond supplies here, too, making it a great one-stop-shop for most koi keepers, too!

As one of North America’s premier koi breeders, Kloubec Koi Farms produces some truly spectacular koi fish in a wide range of colorations and stylized varieties.

The massive eighty-acre farm is family-owned and has operated for over thirty years, providing high-quality koi fish for decades to locals and internet shoppers alike.

If you want to purchase bulk koi fry from Kloubec, you can reach out to their site chat or customer service or browse through their eBay listings for fry wholesale listings. These biddings usually go quickly so be sure to hop on a deal when you see one!

Fun fact: all Kloubec koi are descended from Japanese show bloodlines meaning you are getting traditional, stunning koi fish every single time you make a purchase!

As an up and coming brand with a marketing plot centered around low prices and fast shipping, NextDayKoi is a site that offers a lot of really good koi for cheap.

You can reach out to their customer service to purchase koi fry, which is available once in a while.

These purchase options are not listed on the site but some have reported success in catching a fresh batch of fry, which the brand was happy to ship for a moderate price including postage.

Plus, you can pick up some of their stunning adult koi, too, including fan-favorite butterfly koi and pond packs of lots of smaller koi that can be just as fun to raise as a bunch of fry! 

A UK based koi shop, New Forest Koi is a newer company that offers some really interesting and classic koi variations that would look stunning in any pond or aquascape style.

The brand offers a waitlist and preorder for their highly sought out koi fry vat purchases, showcases two different size options starting in availability in June of 2020.

These mass purchases can have up to two thousand koi fry that are unculled, meaning you can get a good bit of very special and vibrant koi among the regular wild colorations. The pricing is very affordable and you cannot go wrong giving these cute little fry a shot!

Claiming to breed some of the world’s best long-fin and butterfly koi, Hanover Koi Farms is an amazing establishment that offers tons of variety and a traditional feel for breeding.

They are secure and offer disease-free, high-quality koi fish to those buying in person and online, ensuring access to everyone across the globe.

They also do sell koi fry on request, according to several buyers, which is incredible considering their standing and general high-quality breeding practices.

If you want a chance to get some stunning fish, Hanover is definitely worth considering for your next koi fry purchase if they have any available. 

where to buy 1000 koi fry from

The Circle of Life

Raising koi fry is an incredibly rewarding and interesting hobby, especially if you are looking to get into breeding.

Koi fry are fast growers and very active, making them perfect for someone looking for a fun, exciting new hobby. With so many amazing breeders out there, you cannot go wrong giving it a shot!

Just weigh your options and make a decision based on the color options you are hoping for and you’re all set for an amazing new adventure!