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This site isn’t about the personal experience of just one Koi fish enthusiast…

It’s a site for all Koi fish owners, hobbyists, and enthusiasts.

Ideally, it would be THE site for all Koi fish owners…

In good time we hope!

If you’re interested in Japanese Koi fish then Totally Koi is a resource for you.

This is your place to come for information about;
– the different types of Koi fish
– caring for your Koi
– feeding your Koi
– protecting your Koi
– maintaining your Koi pond (or tank)
– and much more!

This site will support you in developing your passion for Koi fish.

Totally Koi’s primary purpose is to make information on caring for Koi fish accessible and enjoyable…

For as many people as possible!

It is our hope that more and more people find and enjoy the love of owning Koi fish.

We want to demystify it, to make it seem less scary and to help ensure more successes and fewer failures…

That’s our mission and that’s what’s most important!

Nothing worse than being out of the loop!

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