Where Can I Find Above Ground Koi Ponds for Sale?

Where Can I Find Above Ground Koi Ponds for Sale?

A stunning koi pond is the perfect feature for a wide range of settings. 

Tranquil backyards, professional spaces, and more can all benefit greatly from the calming and overwhelmingly visually striking appearance of a well maintained koi pond. 

While traditionally thought to require hours and hours of work and a lot of permanent changes to your landscaping, koi ponds that are above ground have become quite popular in recent years due to their movability and customization options. 

Let’s explore some of the best above ground koi ponds for sale and see if we can find one that will be a perfect fit for your space!

Why Choose An Above Ground Koi Pond?

If you are looking for an above ground koi pond for sale, chances are you have a pretty good image of what you have in mind already conjured up. 

A stunning little pool with plants around it and beautiful fish, allowing for the perfect little nook to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of the world in a naturalistic way. 

Regardless of what you envision with an above ground koi pond, acknowledging the reasons why this is a viable option can help shape your decision and help you plan for the best possible above ground koi pond care routine. 

For starters, traditional koi ponds require a lot of digging and development. 

It is no stretch to say that working on a koi pond can take weeks and requires a lot of work; it also disrupts natural environments, especially if you are going for a bigger pond space. 

The positive thing about above ground koi ponds is that they do not require the same level of commitment and waiting. 

You can easily purchase one and cycle it, having it ready much sooner than an in-ground option. 

Above ground ponds are also much more affordable. Generally, they cost quite literally a fraction of what a traditional pond will while offering the same benefits. 

Plus, they are also much easier to maintain since you can easily access all areas of the pond as a whole to clean and repair the space. 

Essentially, if you are looking for a more cost effective and easy to maintain option, an above ground koi pond is worth considering, especially if you are in a space where you cannot easily make big changes to the landscape or are not allowed to due to rental rules or local tenancy ordinances. 

The Best Above Ground Koi Ponds for Sale

Now that we have discussed the pros of owning an above ground koi pond, let’s get into some of the actual contenders for the best above ground koi ponds for sale online!

If you are looking for an above ground koi pond with no fuss or frills needed, this Rubbermaid option is fantastic. 

Designed as a stock tank, this is a very basic piece that is easy to customize and decorate to make into a very effective and appealing pond space. 

Many people actually cover this pond with decorative vinyl overlays or use faux masonry to hide it, making it appear as a built-in garden feature. 

For the price, this option cannot be beat, especially considering the wide range of volumes available, ranging from just fifty gallons all the way to three hundred. 

The durable structural foam is lightweight enough to move but will not break and can definitely handle regular use with ease. 

All in all, this is a very solid option worth checking out if you want to invest in an above ground koi pond that will last for a long time.

While not suitable for adult koi, this five to seven gallon option is great for those looking for something to house baby koi while raising them. 

This waterfall kit is beautiful and works perfectly for most spaces, as it is smaller and can be set up even indoors. 

The piece allows easy accompaniment with plants and other featurettes and is absolutely perfect for use as a central accent within a garden space or as a focal point. 

Filtration is easy to set up and all in all this is a very simple to maintain option that will look great and stay clear easily even with a slight fish load. 

If you are looking for something small yet impactful, give this fun option a shot!

Designed for those who want to be able to get a good look at their koi fish at all times, this Pennington Aqua Garden Raised Window Half Moon Pool Kit is a super interesting and fun take on an above ground koi pond. It features peek-a-boo windows, allowing you to see the fish swimming by while also still having access to view from above, too. This durable item is made with longevity in mind, with the windows being constructed of shatterproof materials to prevent accidental breakage or leaks. Additionally, a pump and filter is included within the pond, making it ready to go upon arrival. This is a great simple kit for a dynamic look that offers a lot of room for customization and plenty of options concerning plants and fish. It is a sound investment that will look great and offer an even closer look at your stunning koi fish without interrupting their everyday movements. Truly, this kit from Pennington is a fun choice that is worth considering for your space. 

The Above Ground Benefit

Regardless of which above ground koi pond options you end up going with, you are in for a treat. 

Watching your koi fish thrive is one of the most rewarding parts of owning this magnificent species. 

What better way to watch over them, than with a stunning above ground water feature that gives you more access than ever before to your fish? 

With proper care, your koi can truly thrive in their new enclosure!