Japanese Koi Fish

What is So Special About Japanese Koi Fish?

Koi fish have seen a massive boom in interest in the last few years. It seems that everyone wants a piece of the tranquility and comfort that comes with relaxing beside a gently babbling pond filled with stunning, vibrant fish. With these stunning animals being more accessible than ever before, it is also easier than previously possible to get your hands on some of these beautiful creatures. However, as traditional koi fans will happily explain, nothing quite compares to the level of care and work that goes into raising Japanese koi fish. Let’s explore what makes the Japanese style of

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Koi Fish In A Fish Tank

Can You Keep a Koi Fish in a Fish Tank

Koi fish are known for quite a few different things. Their colors, their friendly nature, their rich history, and their massive appetites are just some of the things that people immediately recognize about these stunning animals.  Still, there is one thing that is noticed above all else: their size. Koi fish are huge animals and grow incredibly quickly, reaching lengths of two to three feet in very short periods of time.  This is why they are often kept in large ponds or custom built above ground enclosures. Still, some people have a strong desire to keep koi fish indoors. Let’s take

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Koi Scale Disease

What Are The Signs Of Koi Scale Disease?

One of the reasons koi fish are so popular as pets is that they are incredibly hardy.  They can handle a lot of different tank conditions and can thrive in the face of common issues that many other fish species cannot.  Truly, koi are very tough fish that can handle a lot.  Due to this, when you notice they are sick, it is all the more important to act quickly to help get them back to health.  With quick action and the ability to understand what is happening early on, your koi will be back to normal in no time

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A Comprehensive Blue Ridge Koi Food Review

A Comprehensive Blue Ridge Koi Food Review

In the world of koi nutrition, not all foods are created equally.  Some are, simply put, significantly better than others, offering a lot more nutritional value per bite than some of the lower quality options.  While some higher end koi foods are certainly nutritionally excellent, there is no reason to opt for something exorbitantly expensive when a truly fantastic food sits nestled within a reasonable price range that many koi caretakers can abide: Blue Ridge Koi Food.  Let’s explore this brand and create a comprehensive Blue Ridge Koi Food review to help you figure out if this popular brand is

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Above Ground Koi Ponds for Sale

Where Can I Find Above Ground Koi Ponds for Sale?

A stunning koi pond is the perfect feature for a wide range of settings.  Tranquil backyards, professional spaces, and more can all benefit greatly from the calming and overwhelmingly visually striking appearance of a well maintained koi pond.  While traditionally thought to require hours and hours of work and a lot of permanent changes to your landscaping, koi ponds that are above ground have become quite popular in recent years due to their movability and customization options.  Let’s explore some of the best above ground koi ponds for sale and see if we can find one that will be a

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Butterfly Koi Fry For Sale

Where Can I Find Butterfly Koi Fry for Sale?

Raising baby koi fish is a super fun venture that allows you the ability to raise up your little koi from their earliest moments.  While many people bulk purchase koi fish from retailers like PetCo or PetSmart, there are tons of other options and reputable breeders available out there that have quality, healthy fish, including a wide range of baby koi fry.  Even better, you can even fund butterfly koi fry! These speciality crossbred carp are a great, visually striking addition to any pond, adding a little drama to the overall space.  Let’s take a look at where you can

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How Long Can Fish Go Without Food

How Long Can Fish Go Without Food?

When you look at an adult koi fish, one of the first things you notice is probably how big they are.  These fish can get absolutely huge and are incredible due to their visually striking nature.  Needless to say, these fish eat a lot and need a large amount of food in order to grow to their full size and thrive.  Sometimes though koi fish may decide not to eat or may not have access to food sources that are adequate.  Let’s take a look at how long can fish go without food, including koi fish, and see if we

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Can You Have Koi in a Fish Tank

Can You Have Koi in a Fish Tank?

One of the reasons that we love koi fish so much is that they are such large, friendly, and beautiful fish.  They have personalities and an undeniable charm that makes them so much fun to raise and have.  That being said koi fish are not easily raised in small spaces and are not suitable for all enclosures.  They can be very expensive and do require a lot of room to move around getting quite large and adulthood.  Let’s take a look at can you have koi in a fish tank and see if we can find an appropriate way to

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Koi Disease Identification

A Guide to Koi Disease Identification

No one likes having a sick pet, be it a dog, cat, horse, bunny, or other creature.  We develop close bonds with our animal friends and care for them deeply, so seeing them ill can be quite troubling.  It is all the more troublesome when your pet is an aquatic or another animal that cannot easily express what is wrong or even show easy to spot symptoms in some situations.  Let’s try to make the process a little easier and go over some common koi disease identification indicators. Symptoms: The Key to Koi Disease Identification When looking at finding out

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Premium Koi Food Options

What Are the Best Premium Koi Food Options?

There are a lot of different individual things to consider when setting up your koi’s care plan.  From the filtration you will use to the decor in the pond, there are a lot of important decisions that must be made.  One of the most important has to be your koi’s nutrition.  Let’s explore some premium koi food options and see which would be the best for your fish! Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon The Importance of Proper Nutrition If you want your koi fish to be the big, beautiful

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