How To Keep Koi Pond Clear

How to Keep Koi Pond Clear

Koi fish are big, beautiful creatures, but, like many ornamental fish species, they can also be incredibly messy.  Their diet and waste production, along with all of the other facets of their care can make their water rather murky, very quickly.  Let’s explore how to keep koi pond clear and see if we can make increasing the cleanliness and visibility of your pond a little easier. Why Do Koi Ponds Get Murky? (Plus Tips on How to Keep Koi Pond Clear) As one of the most common complaints with pond owners, murky pond water can really impact the enjoyability of

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Koi Fry Mat

What is the Best Koi Fry Mat?

Raising koi fish is an incredibly fun and rewarding way to increase the amount of fish within your pond.  While you cannot control the exact brood you will get, raising up a batch of baby koi fry offers the opportunity to locate some real diamonds in the rough.  In order to successfully raise these baby koi fish, though, you do need the proper tools and materials.  One of the best ways to help create strong little fish is to use a koi fry mat.  Let’s take a look at some different options and learn how to best use a koi

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Can Koi Fish Live in a Fish Tank

Can Koi Fish Live in a Fish Tank?

Koi fish are a common pet these days. Everyone loves their friendly personalities and bright colors.  Plus, it is incredibly easy to pop into a pet store and grab a few of these fish from the super full and active tank display for cheap!  They even sell the same size tanks nearby that the fish for sale are housed in, probably.  Unfortunately, there is a common misconception related to this sales model that indicates that koi fish can be kept in a fish tank.  Let’s take a look at why the answer to, “Can koi fish live in a fish

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How to Keep Koi Fish Alive

How to Keep Koi Fish Alive: The Ultimate Guide to Koi Fish Care Basics

For many people, koi fish are a dream pet.  Having a koi pond is no cheap venture and takes a lot of investment in the form of time and money.  Koi can be costly and time consuming so to those who take them on, there is obviously a sense of urgency in keeping them alive.  Plus, losing a pet can be an incredibly painful experience.  Fortunately, these hardy little fish typically do well and thrive under most conditions as long as you provide proper care.  Let’s take a look at how to keep koi fish alive and see if we

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Best Blue Ridge Platinum Pro Koi Food

Feeding your koi fish a balanced and well rounded diet is a great way to ensure that they are happy, healthy, and have all of the nutrients they need in order to thrive.  A koi fish’s diet impacts many aspects of its life and health, so providing high-quality food sources is key in keeping your koi looking and feeling great.  One of the current top brands, Blue Ridge, makes foods that are often regarded as some of the best of the best.  Let’s discuss what is so special about their Blue Ridge Platinum Pro Koi Food and see if it, along

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keeping koi in a small pond

How To Go About Keeping Koi In A Small Pond

Let’s take a look at koi pond size minimums and learn about keeping koi in a small pond.  Keeping koi fish, like taking on the care of any animal, is a big commitment. You are committing to take care of those animals for their lifespan, which for koi fish works out to be between twenty-five and thirty-five years.  Needless to say, adopting koi is a pretty big deal due to this alone. Still, koi fish are very healthy and easy to take care of despite growing to be large sizes so it sort of balances out. Part of the commitment,

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koi fry food for sale

Where to Find Koi Fry Food For Sale

Raising koi fry is a super rewarding and interesting way to stock your pond, as it gives you the opportunity to watch your baby koi grow from tiny babies into beautiful adults. Still, there is some knowledge and specialized care that goes into raising these tiny new fish. Finding food is perhaps one of the trickiest issues since teensy baby koi cannot dine on larger adult koi food pellets. Let’s take a look at where you can find koi fry food for sale.  Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon Check

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koi fish food homemade

What are Some Koi Fish Food Homemade Recipes?

Koi are notorious for their voracious appetite.  They will eat pretty much anything and everything, devouring whatever will fit into their mouths. From bugs to bits of fruit and even smaller fish, these creatures will eat anything they can. Still, when housed in a koi pond environment, you are responsible for ensuring they receive appropriate nutrition. Let’s take a look at how to take matters completely into your own hands and learn about some koi fish food homemade recipes that will beat any store-bought option out there! What Ingredients Should You Look For? With koi fish food homemade, some ingredients are definitely

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how to keep a koi pond warm in the winter

How to Keep a Koi Pond Warm in the Winter

Sitting outside on a spring morning with a cup of coffee while watching your koi swim happily in their pond has to be one of the most relaxing things in the world. When the weather is warm, koi fish are active gentle giants who adore splashing and swimming about. However, when winter begins to rear its chilly head, you have to have a plan in place to keep your fish safe and healthy.  Let’s look at how to keep a koi pond warm in the winter! How To Keep A Koi Pond Warm In The Winter Months? As Poikilothermic animals, koi fish

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koi fish fry for sale

Where to Find Koi Fish Fry For Sale?

Raising baby koi fish is a very rewarding and fun way to go about stocking up your pond. There is something so fun and memorable about watching the tiny little baby fry grow into gorgeous adult fish. Often sold in bulk, buying koi fry, also known as peanuts, is usually more affordable than getting individual fish and can save you a lot of money if you want a lot of fish in your pond and are not particular about what colorations you get. Let’s take a look at where you can find koi fish fry for sale! 1. Pet Stores

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