koi doitsu kohaku

All About Koi Doitsu Kohaku

All About Koi Doitsu Kohaku Koi fish are perhaps one of the most diversely bred aquatic animal species in the entire world. There are tons of different colorations and sub-varieties that are bred for, creating a massive market with a huge interest spanning hobbyists and professional, traditional breeders alike.  With so many different options out there, it can get a bit overwhelming to select specific sub-varieties for your pond or even tell the different types apart. Let’s learn about one of the most popular and historically rich koi sub-varieties, the Doitsu Kohaku, and see what makes them so very special

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temperature for koi fish tank

What Temperature for Koi Fish Tank is Appropriate?

What Temperature For Koi Fish Tank Is Appropriate? It is well known that koi fish are very hardy. It has been talked about again and again that koi fish are able to handle a lot of different water conditions and can easily bounce back from illnesses and other issues.  This is part of what makes them so appealing for such a wide range of fish hobbyists, they are easy to handle and can generally live for decades, making them a fantastic pet for children to grow with. Still, sometimes they get sick and need a little help.  This is where quarantine

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koi fin disease

What Can I Do to Identify and Treat Koi Fin Disease?

Having a sick pet is arguably one of the most stressful things in the world. Animals cannot easily tell you exactly what is wrong, making it quite hard for even professional veterinarians to pinpoint exactly what is making your pet feel under the weather. Fortunately, with koi fish, there are a lot of wide-spectrum treatments that can be done to help remedy health issues, especially if they present themselves on the skin or fins of the fish. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to identify and treat koi fin disease to get your friend back together in no

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breeder pro koi food

What are Some Breeder Pro Koi Food Options?

When raising any animal, nutrition is one of the most important aspects of their care. It contributes to their growth, mood, and health, creating most of the base for their physical and mental attributes. Due to this, it is incredibly important to always seek out high-quality koi foods that are appropriate for your pet. This is especially true in koi fish, who rely on a properly balanced diet to provide the nutrients necessary to support their growth and coloration, along with energy to comfortable and easily swim through their enclosure. Let’s take a look at some breeder pro koi food and see

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keeping koi pond clear

What Can Be Done to Help With Keeping Koi Pond Clear

Keeping Koi Pond Clear If you look into koi fish ownership, you probably know they get really big and can be on the messy side. This is because koi are voracious eaters that will consume anything and everything they can get into their sizable mouths.  With this, of course, comes waste and lots of it. Koi fish produce a considerable amount of waste each day and when you compound that with the fact that most ponds have many fish, it can get pretty dirty.  Cloudy water makes it harder to enjoy your fish and can create a rather ugly environment

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koi fish baby price

What is a Good Koi Fish Baby Price?

When you look into owning koi fish, there are a lot of differing opinions concerning almost every aspect of koi care.  From types of food and feeding practices to pond decor, it seems everything about owning koi fish drums up quite the opinionated response. One thing everyone can agree on is that owning koi fish is certainly not an affordable hobby.  Koi fish food, filtration, and maintenance can get very expensive, especially if you have multiple fish. Even the fish themselves can cost a pretty penny for some colorations. Let’s take at what is a good koi fish baby price

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All About Koi Ghost Fish

All About Koi Ghost Fish

If you are first beginning to look into koi fish and the different sub-varieties, you may notice that there are a ton of different types and colors to choose from. This includes classic color hues like white and red and more specialized fish with full metallic color or other special patterns.  One of these incredible, metallic fish is the ghost koi. Let’s take a look at the history of the koi ghost fish and see what makes them such a wonderful addition to any koi pond! What is a Koi Ghost Fish? A highly controversial sub-variety, the ghost koi is

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can you put koi in a fish tank

Can You Put Koi in a Fish Tank?

Koi fish are known for being colorful, stunning, and massive. They’re the gorgeous gentle giants of ponds around the world and are absolutely beautiful in a wide range of aquascape features. That being said, there is much controversy surrounding keeping koi in smaller enclosures like tanks and mini-ponds. So, can you put koi in a fish tank? Let’s explore what makes koi unsuitable for most common tank enclosures.  Why Tanks Are Not Suitable Koi fish are gorgeous, hardy animals that can survive a lot. That being said, your goal should surpass survival and extend into creating an environment in which

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koi diseases and symptoms pictures

Books on Koi Diseases and Symptom Pictures

Finding koi information online is easy but you can get a lot of mixed information. The internet is an amazing tool that sometimes becomes a bit of a mixed bag when a ton of opinions get thrown in. Fortunately, there are some accredited physical bound paper books that can give you insight to have on hand at any time on koi care and illnesses. Let’s take a look at where you can find information on koi diseases and symptom pictures without the use of online resources! Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon Check Price

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Butterfly Koi Food

What is the Best Butterfly Koi Food?

Koi fish, in general, are very good eaters and seem to be insatiable, making it quite easy to bulk up their size and get them big, beautiful, and healthy. Fortunately, if you are looking into keeping butterfly koi, you can feed them essentially the same diet as the rest of your koi. Butterfly koi grow rapidly and look stunning with their trailing fins but are essentially very comparable to their ornamental koi cousins in many ways. Let’s take a look at some of the best butterfly koi food options to help you find the perfect meal for your stunning new

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