Best Blue Ridge Platinum Pro Koi Food

Best Blue Ridge Platinum Pro Koi Food

Feeding your koi fish a balanced and well rounded diet is a great way to ensure that they are happy, healthy, and have all of the nutrients they need in order to thrive. 

A koi fish’s diet impacts many aspects of its life and health, so providing high-quality food sources is key in keeping your koi looking and feeling great. 

One of the current top brands, Blue Ridge, makes foods that are often regarded as some of the best of the best. 

Let’s discuss what is so special about their Blue Ridge Platinum Pro Koi Food and see if it, along with their other products, is a good fit for your koi fish.

Blue Ridge Platinum Pro Koi Food

About Blue Ridge Koi Food

Blue Ridge Koi is not just a manufacturer of quality koi foods.

While they do produce a very highly regarded koi food product in their Blue Ridge Platinum Pro Koi Food and other product lines…

The brand as a whole has a very rich history that partially explains their dedication to producing quality koi products.

Blue Ridge Koi and Goldfish is actually America’s largest and longest operating koi fish farm.

They provide a wide range of koi fish sub varieties, goldfish, butterfly koi, and other cold water ornamental fish at prices that make them accessible to a wider range of consumers.

As a whole, this is a company that strives to raise healthy, thriving koi fish in a semi-traditional breeding setting to ensure that their customers receive exactly what they want in their new ornamental pets.

In hoping to better serve their customers and clients, Blue Ridge began offering their custom blend of food to ensure the koi fish continue to get the best possible care.

This food began to spread in popularity, leading to the launch of their line of koi food products and the widespread success of the brand as a nutritional option, as well.

What's So Special About The Blue Ridge Platinum Pro Koi Food?

Blue Ridge produces a host of different products within their line of foods.

From their fan favorite Platinum Pro Koi Food to their supplemental products, you have a lot of options in customizing the food you give your koi.

Let’s take a look at each and explore the diverse inventory of this brand.

Designed as a comparable option to what is fed as a base diet to the koi fish born and raised at Blue Ridge’s hatchery, the Blue Ridge Platinum Pro Koi Food Pellets are a fantastic, well-rounded option that provide an excellent level of balanced, base nutrition.

These floating pellets contain top quality protein, carbohydrates, and amino acids and are easily digestible to prevent water cloudying and contamination.

Spirulina and canthaxanthin are added into the formula for overall color enhancement and a specialized probiotic immune stimulant is included, as well, to boost your koi’s overall health.

When the temperatures drop, so does your koi’s metabolism.

This can lead to them eating significantly less, sometimes leading to stress and immune problems.

This Cool Water Wheat Formula product provides a balanced diet for cooler weather, allowing your fish to thrive regardless of the temperature around them.

This food also contains a blend of vitamins and minerals that provide immune and health support through the cooler months, too.

Designed to increase immune strength against bacteria in koi fish, this food is blended with a Primalac probiotic, elevated vitamin C and montmorillonite clay mixture that is scientifically proven to increase bacterial resistance in fish.

Made to support overall health while targeting immune system concerns.

This is an excellent supplementary product for when your fish are recovering from illness or are in need of immunal maintenence.

Blue Ridge Koi Growth Line

There are three products within the Blue Ridge Koi Growth line of products, one catering to small fish, one for larger fish, and one that is a blend of the two sizes to accommodate the spectrum of koi sizing.

All three of these feature the same basic formula, which is designed to accommodate everyday feeding needs generously and provide a great level of base care to your koi fish.

These floating pellets soften very quickly to ensure easy digestion, encourage healthy koi growth, and will not pollute the water.

They also provide a high dosage of essential vitamins and minerals to support the bodily needs of growing koi fish and fully grown ones, alike. This is a solid option that works wonderfully for hobbyist ponds and enclosures.

If you own koi fish, chances are you recognize the importance of a bright and bold coloration.

With the Blue Ridge Koi and Goldfish Color Rich formula, you can count on consistent coloration support for your koi, which helps them to develop the vibrant hues we know and love.

This food contains known color enhancers like marigold extract, spirulina, and canthaxanthin. When fed to koi fish for thirty days, it has been proven to assist in enhancing their coloration and brightness.

This increased vibrancy and hue is noticeable and come a along with base health support.

This is a great supplementary product that is perfect for use with or alternatingly with a regular base nutrition koi food like the Growth line or Blue Ridge Platinum Pro Koi Food product.

A Great Range of Blue Ridge Platinum Koi Food For You To Choose From!

Providing a range of products to meet every imaginable koi need, Blue Ridge really goes above and beyond to work to support your koi’s health and development.

From their supplementary foods to the staple lines like the Blue Ridge Platinum Pro Koi Food, you can count on these products to deliver appropriate and well rounded nutritional input for your koi fish, regardless of their size or subvariety.

This food brand has become incredibly popular for good reason. You simply cannot go wrong with Blue Ridge Koi Foods.