Best Koi Food from Amazon

Best Koi Food from Amazon

5 Best Koi Food from Amazon

With the convenience of online shopping taking control of many marketing niches, it comes as no surprise that more and more people are opting to purchase their fish supplies from digital retailers. Amazon, being one of the most comprehensive shopping outlets online, offers hundreds of different koi foods from dozens of different brands. Here are our picks for the top five best koi foods you can add to your Amazon cart right now!

Our Picks

When narrowing down this list to just five choices, we took the following things into consideration: average reviews, price to weight ratio, and ingredients/overall quality. These are just our picks and there are, of course, tons of other amazing products available. Let’s get into the list.

Formulated with Primalac probiotic blend, vitamin C, and montmorillonite clay, this food offers an immune system boost and helps to destress through a scientifically proven nutrient blend. Blue Ridge takes extra care with their Probiotic Plus line, catering to both goldfish and koi by mixing in small and large pellet sizes. The food also claims to help enhance the coloration of koi, creating crisper whites and deeper red and orange tones. The brand claims the food can be fed two to three times per day and on a regular basis for all seasons, making it a good choice for a base nutritional block choice.

A well known and highly trusted brand, TetraPond has been a leading provider of quality pond fish supplies for decades. This Pond Stick product is a fantastic, affordable basic food in a soft stick format to promote easy digestion. Enriched with vitamins and formulated to float on the surface, these sticks do not dirty the water and instead use a clear water formulation to ensure no cloudiness occurs. An ideal maintenance diet, these sticks are fantastic for ponds of all sizes and can be fed for all seasons due to their high nutrient content. If you are looking for a no frills option to get the job done, these are a fantastic choice.

With its highly digestible, energy providing formula, the Hartz Wardley Pond Floating Fish Food Pellets are a great option for someone looking for a balanced fat to protein ratio and high nutrient content. Fortified with a stabilized form of vitamin C, this food helps support immune health and overall wellbeing, helping prevent infections and other illnesses that are common within the species. The food is lightweight and carefully made to ensure no blockages or swim bladder disorders occur during the usage of this product in most cases, meaning this is a good safe option for beginner koi keepers and experienced owners alike. Plus, this food is extremely affordable.

A bit of a higher end option, the Mazuri Koi Pond Nuggets are absolutely worth their steeper price tag. Using sustainable fish meal and a host of nutrient loaded ingredients, this is one of the highest quality food options, providing an absolutely incredible amount of vitamins and minerals to not only support your fish’s overall health but also tissue development and coloration. The food uses a stabilized form of vitamin C that increases the shelf life of the product and is highly palatable, meaning fish are easy to transition to the food as a whole. The brand also specifically mentions that the food floats well, encouraging the fish to feed near the surface where they are easily visible and can be enjoyed and monitored.

A high protein food that claims to help fish produce less ammonia and waste, the API Pond Fish Food is a pellet formula that uses high quality nutrient sources to support healthy growth, coloration enhancement, and general immune health. API has provided curated pond care products for over fifty years, including treatments and other health-focused products. This ideology carries over into their food through their focus on wholesome ingredients and quality sourcing. All in all, this is a solid base food.


There are literally hundreds of koi foods on Amazon, many of them absolutely fantastic options with tons of nutritional benefits. Check the reviews and figure out what best suits your climate and concerns for your pond. Out of the sea of options, you will certainly find your own perfect blend.