Books on Koi Diseases and Symptom Pictures

Books on Koi Diseases and Symptom Pictures

Finding koi information online is easy but you can get a lot of mixed information. The internet is an amazing tool that sometimes becomes a bit of a mixed bag when a ton of opinions get thrown in.

Fortunately, there are some accredited physical bound paper books that can give you insight to have on hand at any time on koi care and illnesses.

Let’s take a look at where you can find information on koi diseases and symptom pictures without the use of online resources!

The Best Literature Picks

There are hundreds of koi care books and manuals that can be a great asset to have on hand to ensure you always have the answer to any questions you may have.

These picks are some of the best you can find right now on Amazon. Let’s take a closer look and see which best suits your needs and reading preferences!

As one of the most popular koi care books on the market, the Koi Health & Disease: Everything You Need to Know Guide by Dr. Erik Johnson was created by a medical professional specializing in aquatics to fill the gap in niche koi care literature.

Regarded as the first and last word on koi care by hobbyists, this book is a conclusive and comprehensive document regarding the overall care of koi, including the treatment of illnesses and diseases.

Dr. Johnson even goes into the potential symptoms and imagery of the illness to help you better understand exactly what you are dealing with and how to treat it.

This is such a vital tool that can make a massive impact on the entire quality of your koi’s health.

All in all, if you and something all-encompassing, this is the way to go. 

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Like Dr. Johnson’s other book, this one gives a massive amount of information.

It is designed as a reloaded version of the second edition of Koi Health & Disease, including even more information and data to help you treat almost anything your koi could come in contact with from mild scrapes to more serious health disorders that can be a bit more difficult to handle without the proper education on koi illness and treatment.

Many reviewers claim this book saved them a lot of money on vet trips by giving them the tools to respond quickly and effectively to their koi’s illness, which is an amazing asset to have on hand. 

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From a collection of multiple authors consisting of Bernice Brewster, Steve Hickling, Keith Holmes, Nick Fletcher, and Mick Martin, this book gives a lot of different takes on common koi care situations to help ensure you are informed and ready for anything koi illnesses and general care may throw at you.

The Essential Book of Koi is an amazing piece that is adapted to be reader-friendly for even the most beginner koi keepers out there, allowing all skill levels to easily and comfortably access the information they need to keep their koi healthy, happy, and comfortable.

All in all, this is a solid read if you want a full a to z reading piece on koi care, the good and the bad included. 

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A bit of an older book, this piece by George C. Blasiola is a fantastic collective selection piece consisting of a lot of excellent insight and scientific knowledge on the care, breeding, illnesses, and needs of koi fish.

Some of the information is a bit more advanced but the writing is easy to understand and breaks things down into easy pieces for even beginners to fully understand.

This is an excellent piece for both those who keep koi already and want extra insight and those who are looking for a tool to look through before purchasing their koi for the first time.

This valuable informational tool is an excellent piece to read through and have on hand for times of crisis since it contains enough information to thoroughly address each topic and keep you ready to handle anything koi ownership may throw your way.

This is simply a must-have for anyone who keeps koi or who looks to in the near future. 

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As a complete guide, this book offers everything you need to know about koi care in an informative and beautifully photographed book written by Bernice Brewster, Nick Fletcher, and Steve Hickling.

Across the board, this is a solid book with a lot of really good information and teaching points, making it an excellent tool for those in need of initial beginner guidance and just assistance on an as-needed basis, alike.

Additionally, this book contains a guide to the color varieties of koi, making it a little extra interesting since it offers information not commonly found in other koi care guides aside from specialty books.

Regardless of your skill level, this is a great one to have on the bookshelf, as well, to help you be prepared and ready to handle all facets of koi fish ownership.

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For Owners Both Old and New

Regardless of your skill level, everyone can learn something new. Having these amazing books on hand can make a massive difference in the quality of your overall koi care and perhaps even teach you something new.

All in all, these books are great for beginners and advanced koi keepers alike, offering some amazing insight and overviews for a wide range of care facets, including common health disorders and diseases alongside symptom photos and other useful pieces of information to help keep your koi fish healthy and happy.

If you are considering picking up some koi care literature, you cannot go wrong with any of these amazing options.