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Serving Koi lovers since 1991 and providing high quality, healthy, and beautiful Koi is our business principle and core value. We select excellent breeder Koi to ensure the quality of our Koi babies being produced at our environmentally friendly 41-acre Koi farm.

Barstow Koi Farm, a family business, is committed to doing what it takes to satisfy our customers.

“My father bred and showed Koi nationally and internationally for over 45 years and was the first to introduce Japanese Koi to Taiwan. He proudly won awards with his domestic bred Bekko, Utsuri and Sanke. This proved to him that domestic bred Koi can compete and win.”

Whether you are a wholesaler or an individual buyer, please give us a call or come visit our farm. Let us have the opportunity to show you our Koi and share our Koi knowledge with you.

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42072 Silver Valley Rd, Newberry Springs, CA 92365, USA

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