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As a husband-wife team, Pat and Joe are eager to help you with your pond needs. We have high-quality koi, and we also provide advice to keep your pond nice and your fish happy. Come check out our products! We look forward to meeting you!

From Koi Fish Shows to Koi Sales

Pat and Joe Wruazabal showed star-quality koi for many years. With high effort and hard work, they won many awards for the brilliance of their koi.

Then, after many years, Pat and Joe decided to start their own business selling koi, goldfish, pond lilies, and pond supplies in order to help others achieve their koi dreams too!

The image to the left shows Pat sitting in front of many ribbons which Pat and Joe have won over the years in the koi-show business. They are very well-renounced and eager to share their knowledge with more people each day about improving koi wellness and pond quality.

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