Where Can I Find Butterfly Koi Fry for Sale?

Where Can I Find Butterfly Koi Fry for Sale?

Raising baby koi fish is a super fun venture that allows you the ability to raise up your little koi from their earliest moments. 

While many people bulk purchase koi fish from retailers like PetCo or PetSmart, there are tons of other options and reputable breeders available out there that have quality, healthy fish, including a wide range of baby koi fry. 

Even better, you can even fund butterfly koi fry! These speciality crossbred carp are a great, visually striking addition to any pond, adding a little drama to the overall space. 

Let’s take a look at where you can find butterfly koi fry for sale and see if we can find some for you to raise as fun additions for your pond or enclosure!

Local Retailers

Before we get into some of the online places to potentially find butterfly koi fry for sale, it is important to understand that the search may be easier than even hopping on a website! 

A lot of areas have local koi breeders who are more than happy to sell koi fry, even butterfly koi fry. 

These breeders are small businesses, usually, meaning a purchase from them supports their direct operation and gives more resources to the koi fish. 

Buying koi fish directly from local retailers also increases your chances of having success with introducing them to your pond. 

The fish purchased locally are those that are already acclimated to the climate of your area, meaning you do not have to worry about them going into shock in transit to the same degree as koi being shipped from somewhere like New York to a place like Florida, for example. 

This does not mean you can directly introduce the koi fry into the pond, though. 

It still needs to be appropriately quarantined to ensure it does not have any illnesses or parasites that could be transferred to the koi within your pond.

Koi fry also need to be cared for through a specialized process and cannot be introduced to a pond anyways due to their size and fragility. 

These local koi fry will not be stressed by the shipping process, making them easier to handle and quarantine, too, as the risk of their immune systems being compromised severely by transit will be decreased. 

All around, contacting a local breeder to find butterfly koi fry for sale is a better idea than ordering them online, though if one is not available or feasible, you can still safely purchase koi fry from a reputable breeder online. 

Just do your research to ensure their validity and ability to safely ship your butterfly koi fry with proper protective measures. 

butterfly koi fry for sale

The Online Options

There are tons of reputable koi breeders and retailers online that offer a wide range of different sub-varieties for purchase in both adult and fry forms. 

These retailers carefully hatch the butterfly koi eggs and offer shipping opportunities that are safe and secure for the koi fish inside. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best options you can find online for butterfly koi fry for sale and see if we can help you make an informed and smart decision concerning which koi fry company you end up going with, if the digital shopping route is right for your needs.

As one of the most well known and reputable sources for koi fish purchasing, Blackwater Creek Koi Farm Inc is a massive retailer that offers carefully bred and cared for adult and juvenile koi fish. 

They also, on occasion, offer koi fry for purchase. With these, the koi fry are purchased in lots, allowing for the desirable babies to be kept and the others to be sold or culled as the purchaser sees fit. 

This allows for a customizable experience where you can find some real diamonds in the rough, including stunning butterfly koi fry for sale! 

All of their koi fry lots are unculled, meaning that the best fish in the lot are still there, allowing you the opportunity of finding something really special in the mix. 

If you are looking to purchase a lot of high quality, carefully bred and cared for koi fry, this company is an excellent option that truly cares about the koi fish they raise and breed.

Pure Goldfish is a retailer of a wide range of aquatic plants and animals that works to cater to those with niche preferences. 

They sometimes offer lots or individual baby koi fish, including butterfly koi, on their eBay page. 

The thing that makes this company tricky is that you do have to work to catch their sales, as they usually go quickly and update often, making it somewhat hard to get your hands on specific baby koi unless you know when a release is dropping. 

You should make an effort to follow them on social media or email to learn about upcoming available koi fry and butterfly koi fry so that you can stay informed and on top of the game in regards to your desired purchase. 

Another individual breeder, Kloubec Koi Farm offers a lot of different sub-varieties and stunning colorations. 

If you are lucky, you can even catch batches of koi fry, including their famed and beloved butterfly koi. 

As a leading provider of butterfly koi, this company is something to consider for sure, as they offer a wide range of koi and have some pretty spectacular colorations regularly, increasing the chances of your batch of koi fry ending up with a truly special and interesting baby or two in the mix among the typical, still beautiful koi.

Where Can I Find Butterfly Koi Fry For Sale

Stunning Specialty Fish

Butterfly koi fish are truly beautiful and something worth considering adding to your pond if you want some extra drama. 

If you want to experience raising them yourself, purchasing a batch of baby koi fry is a great way to get started. 

With proper care, these fry will turn into stunning additions for your pond in no time at all!