Butterfly Koi

Butter Fly Koi Food

What is the Best Butterfly Koi Food?

Koi fish, in general, are very good eaters and seem to be insatiable, making it quite easy to bulk up their size and get them big, beautiful, and healthy. Fortunately, if you are looking into keeping butterfly koi, you can feed them essentially the same diet as the rest of your koi. Butterfly koi grow rapidly and look stunning with their trailing fins but are essentially very comparable to their ornamental koi cousins in many ways. Let’s take a look at some of the best butterfly koi food options to help you find the perfect meal for your stunning new

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A Guide to Baby Butterfly Koi

A Guide To Baby Butterfly Koi

As if regular koi were not already visually striking enough, butterfly koi provide an entirely new level of drama and graceful beauty. These fish are very similar to their koi carp cousins but do have some very drastic differences, including their appearance. Let’s learn a bit about what makes butterfly koi so special. The Differences Between Koi and Butterfly Koi At a glance, there are some visual differences that separate butterfly koi from traditional koi carp. Butterfly koi have fins that never stop growing, creating dramatic, long fins that trail behind the fish as it swims. Additionally, they are slightly

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