Kohaku Koi

koi doitsu kohaku

All About Koi Doitsu Kohaku

Koi fish are perhaps one of the most diversely bred aquatic animal species in the entire world. There are tons of different colorations and sub-varieties that are bred for, creating a massive market with a huge interest spanning hobbyists and professional, traditional breeders alike.  With so many different options out there, it can get a bit overwhelming to select specific sub-varieties for your pond or even tell the different types apart. Let’s learn about one of the most popular and historically rich koi sub-varieties, the Doitsu Kohaku, and see what makes them so very special and interesting! The History of

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koi varieties identification

A Guide to Koi Varieties Identification

When you are first getting into keeping koi fish, you probably notice a lot of different terms being thrown around to describe the different types and special colorations of koi fish. This is because koi breeding is actually an ancient art form that originates from centuries ago at the point of the first ornamental koi’s creation. Since koi breeding in the traditional sense has been around for so long, it is understandable that the vocabulary of the art is quite extensive. Let’s explore the different words used in the koi varieties identification and see if we can make it a

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What you should know about Kohaku Koi Varieties

What You Should Know About Kōhaku Koi Varieties

When you think of koi fish, you probably imagine brilliant, colorful fish that look absolutely majestic as they swim through a well-maintained pond. While this is true, there is a bit more to the koi fish species. There are actually a host of different koi fish subspecies and colorations created through selective breeding practices. One of these is the Kōhaku or Kohaku koi, a red and white variety that is probably one of the most well know coloration varieties. Let’s learn a little more about Kōhaku Koi varieties and see if we can better understand what makes these koi so

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Discovering The Different Varieties Of Koi Fish

The colorful Nishikigoi (Cyprinus carpio) or Koi originated from the common brown carp, but were selectively bred by the Japanese over the years. The selective breeding resulted in different koi carp varieties, typically defined by their color and patterns. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the most common koi carp varieties, as well as their defining characteristics.

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