Shusui Koi

Discovering The Different Varieties Of Koi Fish

The colorful Nishikigoi (Cyprinus carpio) or Koi originated from the common brown carp, but were selectively bred by the Japanese over the years. The selective breeding resulted in different koi carp varieties, typically defined by their color and patterns. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the most common koi carp varieties, as well as their defining characteristics.

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What defines a Shusui Koi Champion

What Defines a Shusui Koi Champion?

In the world of breeding show quality koi, there are so many absolutely stunning, flawless fish that it almost seems an impossible request to ask the judges to choose just one champion fish at each competition.  These show koi are treated like royalty and bread for their unique colors, strong patterns, and overall health.  They are essentially the image you get when you imagine a koi fish: colorful and brilliant.  What makes a koi fish worthy of being called a champion, though?  Let’s take a look at the shusui variety of koi and what defines a shusui champion to better

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koi varieties identification

A Guide to Koi Varieties Identification

When you are first getting into keeping koi fish, you probably notice a lot of different terms being thrown around to describe the different types and special colorations of koi fish. This is because koi breeding is actually an ancient art form that originates from centuries ago at the point of the first ornamental koi’s creation. Since koi breeding in the traditional sense has been around for so long, it is understandable that the vocabulary of the art is quite extensive. Let’s explore the different words used in the koi varieties identification and see if we can make it a

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