Koi Colour

A Guide To Koi Fry Colors

A Guide to Koi Fry Colors

A Guide to Koi Fry Colors When your koi has babies, chances are the tiny fry do not look much like their parents.  They are usually very dull in color, if not just plain brown.  This is a sort of protective measure in their genetics to protect them from predators who would otherwise see their vibrant hues and pick them off easily due to their small size. Still, I am sure you want to know what koi fry colors are going to be.  Let’s look at some of the clues you can take into account to help you guesstimate what

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Can Koi Fish Live in a Fish Tank

Can Koi Fish Live in a Fish Tank?

Koi fish are a common pet these days. Everyone loves their friendly personalities and bright colors.  Plus, it is incredibly easy to pop into a pet store and grab a few of these fish from the super full and active tank display for cheap!  They even sell the same size tanks nearby that the fish for sale are housed in, probably.  Unfortunately, there is a common misconception related to this sales model that indicates that koi fish can be kept in a fish tank.  Let’s take a look at why the answer to, “Can koi fish live in a fish

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