Outdoor Koi Tank

temperature for koi fish tank

What Temperature for Koi Fish Tank is Appropriate?

It is well known that koi fish are very hardy. It has been talked about again and again that koi fish are able to handle a lot of different water conditions and can easily bounce back from illnesses and other issues. This is part of what makes them so appealing for such a wide range of fish hobbyists, they are easy to handle and can generally live for decades, making them a fantastic pet for children to grow with. Still, sometimes they get sick and need a little help. This is where quarantine tanks come in. Let’s take a look

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outdoor koi tank

The Benefits of Having an Outdoor Koi Tank

There is something so incredibly calming and beautiful about strolling around a koi pond. It is almost like they emit a peaceful aura, soothing the soul as you stare into the depths and watch the fish move about in their naturalistic home. Let’s discuss the legitimate benefits of having an outdoor koi tank or pond at your home and what it can do to change your life.  The Story of the Koi There are a lot of stories and myths surrounding koi fish and what makes them so significant to humans. People get tattoos of koi, paint them, sculpt them,

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