Five Fiberglass Koi Tank Options

Five Fiberglass Koi Tank Options

When setting up a koi pond, there are plenty of tips and tricks that can help make the process easier. 

Still, all of the fuss and mess that comes with creating an inground pond can be a lot of effort and take quite a bit of time. 

If you are looking for something above ground that will do the trick until your pond is ready, here are fiberglass koi tank options that will work until your full pond is all set!

Why A Fiberglass Koi Tank?

Fiberglass is a flexible, moldable medium that can be applied to most ponds as a coating to make the entire area waterproof or otherwise sealed and protected due to its hardened, tempered nature. 

Fiberglass is highly UV resistant and is suitable for longterm outdoor use, making it a perfect choice when planning a water fixture like a pond or fountain.

You can take this even further by opting to use a fiberglass tank or tank alternative as your holding or quarantine tank for your koi while you wait to introduce them to your pond. 

This prepares them for the type of environment they will live in and generally helps ensure they are healthy enough to be part of your general koi population.

The Products

All of the products below were selected due to their high reviews, good specifications, and price point. 

Their weaknesses and strengths have been listed to give you an idea of what to expect when using these products. 

Please do additional research to ensure these are a good fit for your living situation, space constraints, and specific koi sizes.

Marketed as a pond liner, the Maccourt Maderia model has been used successfully as a holding tank or quarantine area by many reviewers and purchasers.

This all-season pond has been built with shelving to allow baskets and aquatic plants to be placed on its ridges and is designed to be UV resistant for year-round use.

Created to be non-toxic for plants and aquatic animals, this liner is easy to clean with a smooth bottom and general finish that will not irritate the fins of the fish as they swim about.

It is also watertight and leak-resistant, giving you peace of mind that your koi will always have a good water supply while awaiting their final pond location.

At one hundred gallons, this is also big enough to accommodate koi fish and is perfect for a holding tank that allows you maximized access to your fish.

All in all, this is a solid product that is worth considering despite not being a tank in the typical sense.

Designed for a water garden style approach to outdoor waterscape styling, this product is fantastic for very young koi or to use as a holding tank.

This is a very aesthetically pleasing option that looks gorgeous on any patio and will suit most design schemes.

The brand also has other variations in different shapes to accommodate for appearance preferences, as well.

This product ages like a real stone and has a general appearance of actual stone despite being a European terra cotta and fiberglass finish.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is generally a very well made piece that can be used as a simple water piece when not acting as a holding tank.

If you are wanting to take an all-in-one, easy setup approach to developing a koi holding pond.

This product from Algreen is an amazing option that will suit quite a few smaller koi while looking very aesthetically pleasing.

At fifty gallons, this pond is large enough for koi fish and is suitable for breeding or as a quarantine area.

The durable and rugged construction will not crack, chip, or fade over time and will hold up well even in hot, sunny areas.

This kit requires no digging and includes a water feature to promote good flow within the tank.

Reviewers do note that the mechanism is somewhat noisy and recommends having a secondary filter to help keep things nice and clean.

For the price and ease of use, though, this is a wonderful project that will likely serve you well.

Designed with PVC and fiberglass pieces, this Pond H2o product was created specifically to be a holding or quarantine pond.

The easy to assemble design helps the product rapidly be put up if an emergency need arises and allows for easy disassembly once the quarantine is over.

It holds around one hundred and eighty gallons, making it perfect for most koi usages and can even be used as a moving tank for shows and other ventures since it is easily portable.

UV resistant, this product even includes a zippered mesh cover to help keep your fish protected while inside the tank.

While not an actual tank, this Intex kiddie pool is a good choice if you want something very affordable and generally suitable for a larger volume of koi fish.

The small pool is easily assembled and generally easy to attach filters and other necessary koi supporting attributes too. 

Plus the beams around the outer perimeter are cushioned in an effort to keep swimmers safe but can be used in your favor as well if you need to lean over the edge for feedings or to administer medications or breeding assistance. 

If you want to set up your first koi holding tank, especially if you are a non-professional hobbyist, this is a fantastic route to take.

Fiberglass Koi Tank Options

Fiberglass tanks are great for creating a safe holding space for your koi if they are sick, injured, in quarantine, or just breeding. 

These tanks are easy to clean and offer tons of customization options to suit a plethora of different decor styles. 

Plus, they are generally more affordable than custom made koi holding areas that you can purchase through specialty retailers. 

Just be sure to add an appropriate filter and heater and you should be all set!