Five Best Koi Foods for Growth and Color

Five Best Koi Foods for Growth and Color

Five Best Koi Foods for Growth and Color

Perhaps one of the biggest appeals for keeping koi is their vibrant, stunning coloration. 

These fish are absolutely beautiful and are absolutely eye catching, especially considering that they get rather large. 

These magnificent animals are a gorgeous addition to any pond set up,
especially if properly cared for. 

Here are five of the best food options to help provide the best growth and color opportunities for your koi, all purchasable via Amazon for ease.

Our Five Picks

While there are tons of different amazing food options out there that would make for a wonderful addition to your koi’s care routine, these five foods are our top picks for providing the nutritional aspects necessary for generating the boldest colors for your fish and the best chance for growth and overall health.

Providing a boost of protein for your pond, the Microbe Lift Legacy MLLHGEXL Growth and Energy Koi and Goldfish food is a fantastic choice, especially if you are looking for a cost effective bulk option.

These floating pellets are forty percent protein and have been reviewed as great for providing extra energy during mating season, as well as providing a good base for growth and color enhancement.

With additional probiotics for good digestion and vitamin C for immune system support, this is a whole diet style food that the brand says can be fed up to three times per week. The formula is also designed to not cloud the water as it breaks down and is generally not harmful to the bacterial levels of your pond and will not cause any filtration stress.

All in all, this is a very well rounded food that works great for a base dietary plan as well as supplementation as a secondary food.

Described as a growth and color formula for ornamental koi, this food is formulated by trusted brand Drs. Foster and Smith, a company which provides a wide variety of different healthy, nutritionally sufficient foods that benefit your pet’s overall health while targeting specific concerns.

The Growth and Color Quality Koi and Goldfish Food from the brand is no different, providing a thirty eight percent protein meal that is supplemented with spirulina, fish oil, and other natural agents. The brand recommends feeding the food when the water temperature is above sixty degrees fahrenheit for best results.

This premium all season food has a mix of small and large pellets to accommodate a variety of different fish sizes.

The Blue Ridge vitamin and mineral blend helps support your fish’s immune system and assists in increasing the animals’ stress resistance, fostering a good environment for growth.

The brand is so confident in their product that if you do not notice a change in the size and color of your fish or are otherwise dissatisfied with this product, they will refund you or replace the product. That is commitment and confidence that proves just how serious they are about creating something worthy of their loyal customer base.

From the trusted and well loved pet brand Kaytee, this food is a great affordable option for those looking for a little extra color and growth supplementation without the higher price tag of some other brands.

With high protein levels (around thirty five percent) to promote tissue growth and additives like fish meal, corn, fish oil, wheat germ, and alfalfa to support color intensity, this food is a great, well rounded dietary addition that is suitable for all seasons.

Another household name, Tetra is perhaps one of the biggest fish care brands in the world.

With everything from water purifiers to filters in their catalogue, this brand has pretty much everything you need to keep your fish healthy and thriving.

The Pond Koi Vibrance food blend is no exception, providing a low waste formula in a soft, easy to digest stick format. Packed with good fats, amino acids, and healthy fibers, this healthy food is great for year round usage, especially for red and orange fish.


There is an endless array of different koi foods and supplements to provide growth and color development. These five are just our picks for the best of the best. Feel free to give them a try and experiment with your fish’s diet to develop the best coloration and growth routine possible!