Helpful Tips On Buying Live Koi Online

Helpful Tips On Buying Live Koi Online
With more people getting interested in taking care of koi in their own homes, it is no wonder that koi has become more accessible. Typically, koi come from commercial farms in Asia, USA, and Europe, and are made available in pet stores and specialized fish stores.
Personally, I prefer buying koi from physical stores because 1) I get to see the fishes before buying them and 2) I get to ask the staff whatever questions I have about taking care of koi. But this doesn’t mean that I completely rule out buying koi online, On the contrary, buying koi online is pretty convenient, provided that you know what you are getting into. That said, you might want to read this article first before buying koi online, so as to make your online buying experience smooth-sailing. Tips to consider before buying koi online As with any other online shopping experience, you have to be a lot more vigilant when buying koi online. After all, not only will you be giving your personal information in the course of the transaction, but it will also be more difficult to go after the seller should any problem arise with regards to your purchase. It would be very helpful if you keep the following things in mind:
  • Check the website.Most reputable online sellers will do their business via their website so this should be your primary consideration. Is the website secure? Is the payment secure? Is it easy to order and pay for your purchases? Do they have good customer service? Do a quick google search and see what their previous customers have to say.
  • Get to know the seller.Just because a seller operates their business entirely over the internet doesn’t mean they should be elusive. Before making any purchases, make sure that the seller has their business address, email, and phone number listed. This way, you can easily contact them. Unless you are ordering from a well-known online seller, try to at least contact the seller first and make a couple of inquiries, especially as regards after-sales services.
  • Know what you are buying.Before ordering, make sure that you look at the posted photos of the koi first, as well as the description. Reading the fine print may sound boring, but trust me, it will make a lot of difference. Make sure that you know the origin of the koi you will be buying, the parasite treatments used by the seller, as well as their quarantine protocol. If the said information are not posted online, reach out to the seller. Remember, a legitimate and reputable seller will always be happy to answer your inquiries.
  • Review their shipping method.Since buying koi online entails transporting live fishes, it is incredibly important to know how the seller ships the koi. Shipping live koi fish can be quite expensive, so it will be incredibly helpful if you transact with a seller who has a partner courier. Also, it is important that you ask the seller how the koi will be packed to ensure their safety during the shipping.
The merit of buying your koi online is its convenience. By following the tips above, you can be ensured of a hassle-free experience. Have fun shopping but maybe before you jump too fast make sure you have a home for your koi check out important things to remember when building a pond