How Much is a Koi Pond?

How Much is a Koi Pond?

When getting started with your koi keeping venture, you probably are going to begin looking into planning out your fish’s care. 

This, of course, includes the pond and other housing attachments you may need. 

While it is obvious that a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing koi pond will not be cheap, you may find yourself wondering exactly how much your pond should cost. 

Let’s take a look at the base cost of a koi pond and how much you can expect to pay based on what extras you decide to include in your final design. 

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How Much is a Basic Koi Pond Installation

On average, a basic koi pond installation will cost around three thousand dollars. 

This is a widely varied sum based on where you live and what you want to be done to the area, with some being significantly cheaper and others hitting the ten grand mark easily. 

Professional installations are not cheap but ensure a successful, safe, and watertight pond, so this is certainly a good point to invest when considering the factors of your koi’s care.

What Goes Into The Cost of A Koi Pond Installation?

When a company factors up the cost of your koi pond installation, they are not pulling their numbers out of thin air. 

Typically, the installation company has a set list of figures to base their quote on. 

This includes everything from prep work to clean-up and is typically an all-inclusive fee with materials figured in, though the specifics of your contract will vary from company to company and depending on your location.

Your installation company will consider the groundwork of setting up the pond, including clearing the area, excavation of the site, and generally preparing the ground and space where the pond will go to suit your contract’s plan. 

This includes hauling materials, ordering what they will need, and any other pre-installation concerns. 

Basically, this is the fee they charge for getting everything ready for your pond to be put in.

You will also have to consider the cost of materials. 

Your installation team will factor this into their fee, as well. 

This includes the liner, obviously, but also other things like the filter, pumps, and other necessary attachments. 

The material your liner is made from will impact the cost, as most will advise you to opt for higher quality materials like 5 mil EPDM rubber which will not crack or break in the long run and actually save you money down the road.

You may also want to add a heater if your winters get cold, a skimmer to remove debris, and other additional features like a UV sanitizer to help keep your pond clean and safe for your koi. 

All of this can add up but is worth investing in, especially with the filter and pump systems, as they play a role in keeping your koi healthy and happy.

Thinking long term, you also need to consider the cost of food and other upkeep items like cleaners and water quality tests. 

Though these are not included in the installation contract, you still need to plan for the ongoing care and repairs that come with owning your koi fish. 

If you do not properly maintain the pond, you may end up having to spend more in the long term and struggle to keep your pond healthy and your fish alive.

It is important to note that on top of all of this, you will have to pay for labor and handling within your installation contract. 

The people installing your pond have to get paid and are putting in a lot of work and effort to ensure your pond is safe and perfect, so you are of course going to pay a premium for their expertise and contribution to the formation of your pond set-up.

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Is It Cheaper to DIY Your Koi Pond?

If you do your research, you will find that is significantly cheaper to attempt a DIY pond situation. 

This is a great way to save some money while still creating a beautiful koi pond if you are prepared to manage all of the different facets that go into creating your own uniquely designed pond. 

There are tons of good resources online that can help you make your pond safe for your fish without breaking the bank, so be sure to do your research!

On average, you can cut the price back by a couple of thousand dollars by doing the process and installation yourself. 

It is important to note that is can be a lot of work but if you are on a budget it may offer you a little relief and ensure you can get the features you want in your pond. 

DIY projects are especially affordable and doable if you opt to use a pre-built liner that allows you to simply dig a hole and pop the entire liner instead of applying individual sheets of the liner and sealing it with resin. 

Do your research to figure out which method and style of pond best suit the needs and desires you have for your koi keeping space.

Hybrid Installation To Save On Koi Pond Costs

If you do not want to install the pond yourself but want to try to lower the overhead cost, try asking if you can do a hybrid installation where you source the materials and prepare the space and they just excavate and lay the pond. 

This might remove a few hundred dollars from the total cost and save you a little money, especially if you can find good material prices or already have some materials available. 

Not all installation companies are open to this since many have a contractual obligation with specific companies for materials and other aspects of installation but it is always worth asking if you are interested in potentially contributing to the effort and saving some money.

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Koi Pond Pricing

Pond pricing is not necessarily cheap but it is definitely a point worth investing in. A well-built pond will help keep your koi fish happy and healthy, making the entire koi keeping venture easier and more enjoyable. 

Plus, planning and investing will make the area look nicer, too! 

Do your research and figure out which method best fits within your budget and you’re all set to get started!