I Love Waterfalls

I Love Waterfalls

I Love Waterfalls

There are few things quite as comforting as the sound of running water.

There’s just something about that particular sound which is incredibly soothing, putting you instantly at ease.

That said, it’s not surprising that many koi pond owners opt to install koi pond waterfalls.

The benefits of installing a waterfall goes beyond aesthetics and its soothing vibe.

It also serves a particular purpose in your koi pond.

Read on to find more about koi pond waterfalls.

Why You Should Put Up A Koi Pond Waterfalls?

An artificial waterfall can help improve aeration in your koi pond.

Since the water is moving, oxygen is better distributed throughout the pond.

Instead of dissolving only on the surface, oxygen is distributed even to the depths of the pond.

Since a waterfalls will increase the oxygen in your pond, it will also decrease the anaerobic bacteria which can cause illness among your koi.

It will also help diminish the algae growing in your pond which can make your pond dirty.

I Love Waterfalls

Installing A Koi Pond Waterfalls

Buying a fountainhead is a no-fuss way of installing a waterfall in your pond, but it’s nowhere near as beautiful as a seemingly natural mini-waterfalls.

In addition, a fountainhead cannot help much in aerating your pond.

If you want to give your koi fishes a good pond waterfalls, consider constructing a waterfall and stream.

To do this, you first have to dig a holding pool.

A holding pool will keep the water from spraying out of the circulation pipe. It will also help the water to flow slowly and steadily into your pond.

The size of the holding pool will depend on how much space you have.

If you want the holding pool to look as natural as possible, keep the edges jagged instead of perfectly symmetrical.

Once your holding pool is ready, you can start digging the course where the water will flow in.

Try to make the course at least two feet wide and make sure that you lay a liner on both the holding pool and the stream.

The liner will keep the water from spilling, so make sure that you secure them in place with rocks.

Once the liner is all set, you can start building your waterfall.

Begin building your waterfalls from the top and work your way down.

Frame the sides using large stones and use large, irregular ones for the steps of your waterfall.

Small stones might look nice in theory, but it will keep the water from flowing nicely.

When building the waterfall, you also have to make sure that you tilt the rocks forward.

This way, water will flow off the rocks instead of behind it.

There is no science to this, so you just have to experiment until you get the right flow and splash.

There, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

Sure, all that digging for you koi pond waterfall can be pretty tiring, but it’s something you can do over the weekend.

And believe me, all that hard work in constructing your waterfalls will be worth it.

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