Kohaku Koi Fish Why Do People Go Crazy For This Koi

Kohaku Koi Fish Why Do People Go Crazy For This Koi
Today I’ve decided to write all about the incredible Kohaku koi fish – and for good reason. This variety of koi might as well be one of the most popular varieties. In fact, even non-koi enthusiasts are usually familiar with this variety. To understand the charm of this breed, here’s what you need to know all about the incredible Kohaku koi fish.
What is a Kohakuu Koi Fish

All about the incredible Kohaku koi fish: The King of Koi

One of the first things you’ll learn when researching all about the incredible Kohaku koi fish is that it’s often hailed as the king of koi.

Some would even say that the koi hobby begins and ends with the Kohaku koi.

But what really makes this breed special? I’m glad you asked.

For one, the Kohaku koi was the first koi variety to have been developed with two colors, making it one of the first ornamental carp varieties.

Believed to date as far back as the 1880s, the Kohaku koi have had a long time to captivate koi breeders with its simple beauty.

All Kohaku koi varieties that exist at present are derived from the Gosuke bloodline which is now extinct.

All about the incredible Kohaku koi fish: notable characteristics

Aside from being one of the earliest Kohaku koi breeds, another reason for this breed’s popularity is its elegant simplicity.

Here are the most notable characteristics of the Kohaku koi which sets it apart from other koi breeds:

What does a Kohakuu Koi Fish look like

Kohaku Color 

The perfect Kohaku koi has a solid white body with red markings which could either be red with purple tint or orange-red in color.

Orange-red markings have crisp outlines, making Kohaku with these markings show quality.

However, this color is harder to maintain as opposed to the other variant.

Kohaku Markings

Regardless of the color of the markings, more markings definitely make a Kohaku koi stand out more.

Kohakus with lots of markings at the top of its body are usually preferred, especially if the Kohakus are to be placed in a pond, since it’s the only visible part of the Kohakus when they’re underwater.

Stray white scales in the middle of the red markings are considered faults in competitions, but casual koi hobbyists may have less stringent standards.

Kohaku Symmetry

Because of the simplicity of the Kohaku koi, symmetry is easily appreciated on this breed.

The markings on both sides of the Kohaku koi’s body need not be perfectly balanced, but they must at least be symmetrical.

This symmetry makes this breed look elegant and almost regal.

The Kohaku koi may not be as eye-catching as other koi breeds in terms of markings and coloration, but it still remains a favorite among koi breeders and enthusiasts.

Its simple solid white body is actually the perfect canvas for its red markings, giving the markings a more vibrant appearance.

Seeing Kohaku koi fishes swim together in a pond is almost like watching splashes of color dance in the water.

Trust me, this breed might be simple, but it is indeed breathtaking.

Why should I get a Kohakuu Koi Fish

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