Koi Fish for Beginners

With this Koi manual “Koi Fish For Beginners” you can get started in this wonderful hobby the right way…

It’s perfect for the beginner, although the truth is most “experts” don’t know half of what’s covered in this easy to read, step-by-step, comprehensive manual.

  • How to get started the right way the first time! Yes! Caring for a Koi pond and its fish is different than freshwater and even saltwater fish.
  • But, it’s easier than you think… If you know what to do.
  • How to save money by knowing the right questions to ask, and knowing what you do and don’t need.
  • How to create the perfect Koi pond that is not only hugely satisfying to create, but provides many years of enjoyment.
  • How to easily maintain and correctly care for your Koi. Koi fish thrive when the pond conditions are “just right”…
  • Unfortunately, there is a huge amount of *wrong* information out there on how to do this.
  • Consider this your essential guide to Koi care for beginners
  • And much, much more!

Finally! Your questions answered, the Koi fish jargon demystified, the complex tasks made simple, quick, cheap and painless…