Maintenance For Your Ponds From Summer To Winter And Everything In Between

Maintenance For Your Ponds From Summer To Winter And Everything In Between

Maintaining a koi pond is fun and all – but it’s also a lot of work.

This is especially the case if you’re living in a temperate country.

After all, you need to tailor your koi maintenance to the season.

I know that koi pond maintenance through the seasons can sound like a daunting task, so to help you out, I put together a guide on koi pond maintenance through the seasons.

If you want to know how to clean your koi pond as the season changes, here is a quick guide on koi pond maintenance through the seasons.

Tips On Koi Pond Maintenance Through The Seasons

Spring – Caring For Your Koi Pond

This is a season of transition.

As the weather gets warmer, the activity in your koi pond will start to increase.

To help ease your fishes into warmer weather, you need to undo all the preparations you’ve done for spring and do some spring cleaning.

Since it’s impossible to clean the pond once its surface has started freezing, it’s likely that you will find accumulated leaves or debris at the bottom of the pond.

Using a skim net, remove as much leaves and debris as you can.

If you have a large tub where you can transfer your koi, transfer some of the water onto the tub and place the fishes there.

Once you’ve removed the koi, you can continue draining the pond so you can vacuum the remaining debris at the bottom of the pond.

Scrub off the algae, but make sure not to use chemicals. This is also the time to fertilize your aquatic plants and to plant new ones.

Summer – As Your Koi Pond Heats Up

Since you’ve done your replanting during spring, summer is the time to continue fertilizing your aquatic plants.

Keep a watchful eye on your plants and make sure to remove leaves which are yellowed, browning, or showing any signs of decay.

Doing this will help prevent buildup at the bottom of the pond, especially when winter rolls around.

Make sure to not overfeed your fish during the season, since excess food will only settle at the bottom of the pond.

Autumn – For Your Koi Pond

Autumn is a significant event when it comes to pond maintenance since this is the time when you should be preparing for winter.

Once the surface of your koi pond starts freezing, you can no longer clean the pond, so it’s important that you keep your pond in top shape while you still can.

Make sure that you regularly clean your pond to remove all falling leaves from nearby trees.

To make the pond easier to maintain, consider installing a net cover on top of the pond during autumn.

Remove dying leaves from your aquatic plants and stop fertilizing them at around this season.

Plants which do not do well in low temperatures should be removed as well.

And there are my tips on koi pond maintenance through the seasons.

Just follow these to help you keep your koi pond – and all your koi in it – in good shape regardless of the season.

Good luck!

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