Shusui So Cool

Shusui So Cool

Prized koi fishes are usually valued based on their coloring, patterns, and general scale pattern.

The Shusui Koi Fish, however, offers a different charm. If you’re used to the more usual koi varieties, you might be surprised at how different the shusui is from other koi types.

What makes the shusui koi eye-catching?

Shusui koi fish: what sets them apart from other koi?

Read on to find out what makes this koi variety extra special.

What is the origin of the Shusui Koi Fish?

The Shusui Koi breed was developed in 1910.

It came about by crossing two breeds – the Asagi Koi and the mirror carp.

The Asagi Koi has a light blue body with red markings and dark blue scales.

The mirror carp, meanwhile, has large scales punctuating its leather-like skin.

This unique combination is the reason for the Shusui Koi’s unique appearance.

Shusui Koi Fish: what sets them apart from other koi? Well, let’s discuss it in greater detail in the next section.

Shusui Koi Fish

Shusui Koi Fish: What sets them apart from other koi?

To answer the question “Shusui Koi Fish: what sets them apart from other koi?”, I’ll talk you through each of this breed’s defining characteristics.

Shusui Scales

While most koi varieties have beautiful, symmetrical scales, the shusui koi has very few scales.

Like its predecessor, the mirror carp, the shusui koi only have scales along their back.

The scales of the shusui koi are larger than the scales of other koi breeds.

They start close to the shusui’s head and extend to the tail.

Shusui Coloring

The shusui koi has a very striking color combination.

The contrast between blue and red certainly makes this breed eye-catching.

It also sets the shusui apart from other koi breeds.

Like the asagi, the shusui has a light blue base color which is rarely seen in other koi breeds.

This light blue color often extends to the side and on the fins of the shusui.

The scales, meanwhile, are reflective, giving it a dark blue appearance.

In sharp contrast to its blue base, the shusui koi has striking red markings.

You certainly won’t be able to ignore this breed when you see it.

Shusui Markings

Unlike other koi breeds, there are no markings specific to the shusui koi.

All that is required is for the scales to be large and blue-black, with no missing scales.

The red markings have no definitive pattern.

They usually appear on the sides of the shusui, as well as on its fins.

As with other koi breeds, the key to a beautiful shusui is symmetry in its markings.

Depending on where you source your shusui, the red markings can be sparing or quite numerous.

Shusui Koi Fish

Considering how distinctive the shushui is, it’s pretty easy to answer the question “shusui koi fish: what sets them apart from other koi?” You just have to look at these three factors and you will surely figure out which one is a shusui, even in a pond full of various koi fishes.

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