The Best Options for Keeping Koi Carp in a Tank

The Best Options for Keeping Koi Carp in a Tank

When you begin to look into keeping koi, you will probably quickly learn that despite being sold at the same size as common goldfish in most pet stores, koi carp can be massive.

These fish routinely get larger than three feet in length and can live to be well over fifty years old, making them quite the investment in both the aspects of time and money.

Due to this, many people choose to keep their fish in expansive ponds but, fortunately for those who have less space or want an indoor option, there are some tanks that are suitable for koi carp!

Here is our guide to the best options on the market for keeping koi carp in a tank.

keeping koi carp in a tank

Our Top Picks

If you are wanting to just keep one or two koi, the Aquascape Aquatic Patio Pond Planter in the size large is a good option. Holding around 45 gallons, this is good for smaller koi that are not to their full size yet and is fantastic as a sort of central decor piece.

While not suitable for a full grown koi, this is a good starter if you one day want to opt for a pond or larger installation.

The lightweight fiberglass resin is durable without being bulky and will not chip or crack. It fades like an actual stone, meaning it will look even better as it ages naturally.

Though advertised as an aquatic garden planter, there are many people who have reported success with using this product as a tank for their young koi until they age out of the volume allowance.

Since it is sealed and safe for aquatic use, this product is a good choice if you are wanting something minimalistic and simple.

Plus, adding a filter and aquatic bubbler for oxygenation will be a breeze due to the design. 

A bit of a cheaper option, this Algreen piece is visually striking due to its water feature attachment without being too invasive for more naturalistic designs.

Holding fifty gallons on average, this pond is great for younger koi and offers several different options for pump and filter placement.

This all in one kit includes a pump that is suitable for the volume of the tank and is easy to assemble, making it perfect for beginners.

Plus, the water feature attachment will help prevent the water becoming stagnant, which is especially valuable since koi like a bit of movement within their enclosure.

The company also throws in a two year limited warranty, meaning if the product develops issues you can easily get it repaired or replaced within that time frame, as well. 

If you want a larger viewing area for your koi, this is the tank for you. With its unique half moon design and intuitive viewing windows, this tank option offers you the ability to view your fish whenever and however you want.

This is especially valuable if you are using this as a quarantine tank or breeding tank, as this means you can truly keep a close eye on your fish without stressing them or otherwise disturbing their healing or mating.

The kit includes all of the pieces to easily assemble the tank, including the panels, liner, and windows, as well as a built-in pump.

You will, of course, need to add a filter, oxygenating agent, and other attachments to make this a truly suitable koi suite but it is definitely a good start!

Many reviewers actually note that this is especially fun for kids, as they get a firsthand look at the fish and can learn quite a bit about aquatic life, making it a great teaching tool!

Similar to the TerraCotta Algreen listing above, this is a stylized aquatic garden planter that works well for a temporary housing area for young koi or as a quarantine or breeding pond.

This tank is safe for fish and BPA free. It is also recyclable and designed to last through years of use if maintained properly.

Made of reinforced plastic, this is a great lower price option that is suitable for a few young koi or a breeding pair if you add additional filtration and heating elements.

Plus, the design is minimalistic and attractive, suiting a wide variety of decor preferences for home and garden applications as well as more formal office settings. 

At 55 gallons, this is one of the largest tank options you can find online without going to a specialty retailer.

Made by trusted aquatic product manufacturer Tetra, this tank is large enough to accommodate smaller koi or breeding pairs and offers a full view of them at all times due to its classic tank nature.

Along with the tank, this complete starter kit also includes EasyBalance Plus, TetraMin, AquaSafe, a fish net for moving fish and maintaining the tank, a 200w heater, a filter, a stick on thermometer, two hinged hoods to cover the top of the tank, two plant packs and a boxwood plant piece, and a TetraCare brochure and informational sheet.

All in all, this is an amazing bang for your buck option that offers everything you need to get started with your koi keeping aside from their food and substrate! This is truly an amazing deal. 

Sizes and Setups

If you source proper sizing for your tank and ensure the volume is appropriate, you should be on the right path to keeping happy, healthy koi fish.

Tanks can be a great tool when used properly and with the understanding that a koi pond is ultimately what your koi will likely need in the long run.

Aside from that, your koi can happily begin their life in a tank and use tanks as a resting area if injured, sick, or breeding. Just cycle things and take your time to do everything right and you’re all set!