The Tancho Koi

The Tancho Koi

Tancho Koi Are One Of The Most Popular & Rare Breeds

The best thing about being a koi enthusiast is that there are just so many koi varieties, each beautiful in its own way. 

It’s always great to discover new koi varieties, right?! And one such koi variety which you should definitely look out for is the Tancho koi. 

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the Tancho koi. Trust me, once you get acquainted this koi breed, you will definitely want to add it to your koi pond.

Tancho koi breed

Everything You Need To Know About The Tancho Koi

The Tancho koi is easily one of the most popular koi varieties in the world. Despite its simplicity, it’s difficult not to be mesmerized by its muted beauty. 

The Tancho koi is named after the Red Crowned Crane. Like the Red-Crowned Crane… The Tancho koi also features a bright red spot on its head. 

It looks amazing on the sleek white backdrop. If you think about it, it really looks like the Japanese flag. What a great representation of its country of origin! 

The Tancho is the very picture of sophistication. But despite its utter simplicity, it is nowhere near boring. If anything, it surely stands out with its distinctive mark. 

It can be clearly seen from the surface of the pond! In addition, there are several sub-classifications of the Tancho koi. 

That’s right! If a bright red spot on the head and a snow white body is too muted for your taste… (though this variety, the Tancho Kohaku, is actually a prized variant) …you might be interested in its other sub-types. 

Aside from the Tancho Kohaku, there is also the Tancho Showa. The Tancho Showa has a white body, black markings, and the distinctive bright red spot on its forehead. 

There is also the Tancho Sanke. It has a white body, a scattering of black and red markings all over its body, and the bright red mark which distinguishes the Tancho koi.

Tancho koi

The Difficulties Of Taking Care Of Tancho Koi

The Tancho koi may look simple compared to other koi varieties… Bit its distinctive red mark on the forehead is a feature that’s difficult to come across. 

The Tancho is only produced by two adult Tancho koi fishes, or two adult Kohaku. 

And even then, there’s no guarantee that the offspring will have a perfect red spot on its forehead. What’s more, the red spot isn’t permanent. 

If the conditions are less than ideal, the red spot might eventually fade. Given the Tancho koi’s rarity… It’s not surprising that this breed is very expensive. 

If you do come across it, however, you will surely appreciate its beauty and how good it will look in your koi pond.

Tancho koi variety

And there you have it… Everything you need to know about the Tancho koi. 

Intrigued? Have money to spend on expanding your koi collection? 

Maybe it’s time to go ahead and find this simple but impossibly charming koi variety. 

I’m sure you’ll love it! If you found this helpful, please like, share and please share your thoughts in the comments below…I’d love to hear from you!