Those Sneaky Raccoons And How To Protect Your Koi Pond

Those Sneaky Raccoons And How To Protect Your Koi Pond

Raccoons may seem cute and snuggly, but trust me, you wouldn’t want to invite them anywhere near your koi pond.
Raccoons have adapted really well in urban areas and wouldn’t think twice about visiting homes to forage for food. So if you have raccoons in your neighborhood – even if you haven’t seen them anywhere near your koi pond yet – you might want to take safety precautions. Here’s how to protect your koi pond from raccoons.

Tips on how to protect your koi pond from raccoons

Despite raccoons being sneaky scavengers (who have powerful claws at that!), the good news is that there are a number of answers to the question “how to protect your koi pond from raccoons?” Here are the best and humane options you have on how to protect your koi pond from raccoons:
  • Make your home unattractive to raccoons. Raccoons are nocturnal animals so even if you don’t see them, there are chances that they pay your residence and your koi pond a visit at night. What you need to know is that raccoons are scavengers and will eat anything, so leaving garbage out will definitely attract them. To keep raccoons away, make sure that there are no garbage or leftovers outside your house at night. Make sure that there aren’t excessive koi food floating in your pond either because it will only attract the raccoons’ attention.
  • Keep your pond deep. A shallow pond might be a lot easier to clean and maintain, but it’s also a lot more accessible to koi fish predators like herons and raccoons. Making sure that your koi pond is deep will make it harder for predators to catch your koi fishes. This is especially true in the case of raccoons since raccoons hate being submerged in water.
  • Installing a netting over your pond. Making your koi pond deeper may be an effective way of fending off raccoons, but it can be expensive and will take up a lot of work. So if your pond isn’t very deep, a cost-effective solution is to install netting over your pond at night so the raccoons can’t catch your koi fishes. Installing a netting is a good solution against raccoons since raccoons only come out at night, so this installation will not decrease the beauty of your koi pond.
  • Invest in motion-activated lights. If you have some cash to spend and don’t to go through the trouble of installing and removing netting every day, then motion-activated lights is a good way to keep raccoons away. Not only will this deter raccoons, but it will also drive away other animals which may find their way into your pond.
  Considering how sneaky raccoons are, it’s really important to consider how to protect your koi pond from raccoons, especially if you live in an area where these animals abound. Don’t worry though… Because these tips will definitely help you in deterring these sneaky animals from coming into your koi pond and stealing your precious fishes. Now, go and drive those raccoons away!

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