Train Your Koi Fish To Do Tricks

Train Your Koi Fish To Do Tricks

Discover How To Train Your Koi Fish To Do Tricks...

A lot of people hesitate about taking care of koi fish because they feel like fish are not as interactive as common house pets like cats and dogs. 

But believe me, this couldn’t be more untrue! You can easily interact with your koi fish. Even better, you can teach your koi tricks! Isn’t that exciting!? 

To prove that taking care of koi is just as fun as taking care of more conventional pets, I’ll give you some pointers on teaching your koi fish tricks. 

So if you’re ready to wow your guests with your koi’s cool tricks, continue reading.

how to train your koi fish

Tips On Teaching Your Koi Fish Tricks

To get you started on teaching your koi fish tricks… Here are some easy tricks you wouldn’t have any problem with.

Trick #1: Teaching Your Koi How To Eat From Your Hands

Start by accustoming your koi fish to your presence at the edge of the pond during feeding time. You can do this by tapping a pebble at the edge of the pond before feeding them. This will signal dinnertime. Once the koi are used to having you at the edge of the pond, you can start throwing a small amount of food into the pond. Submerge your hand into the water, making sure that there is food left in your hand. Your koi will be hesitant to approach at first. But as they get used to you feeding them, they will eventually go near the food in your hand.

Trick #2: Teaching Your Koi How To Jump

Another beginner-friendly tip on teaching your koi fish tricks is getting your koi to jump. Before you can do this trick, you must first teach your koi how to eat from your hand. 

If possible, feed your koi by hand every day. Once your koi is used to your hand, start teaching your koi how to swim to the surface. 

You can do this by submerging your fingertips into the water. If this doesn’t catch your koi’s attention, you can hold some food in your fingertips. 

But make sure not to release the food right away. Your goal here is to get your koi to swim to the surface first. 

Once you have your koi’s attention, you can start getting them to perform the trick. Dangle the food just a little above the water. 

This will motivate your koi to jump and get the food. Pretty cool, right?! Note that some koi fish can be timid, so you have to prompt them accordingly. 

If they don’t jump after you hold the food above the water hold the food between your fingers and submerge it into the water. When the koi approach your hand, pull your fingers away.

training your koi fish

Teaching your koi fish tricks will require some patience… 

But it’s quite rewarding. Think of it as a way to bond with your koi fish. 

Not to mention that it also makes for great display of tricks to show off to your visitors. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Have fun with your koi fish! If you found this helpful, please like, share and please share your thoughts in the comments below…I’d love to hear from you! ?