What Is A Carp And What Is A Koi

What Is A Carp And What Is A Koi

What is a Carp and What is a Koi

Koi Carp

As you probably know already, the colorful koi we love so much nowadays have its origins in the common carp.

That’s right, these graceful prize-winning fishes actually have very humble beginnings.

Despite having been selectively bred to look the way they look right now, the koi is still pretty close to the common carp.

This isn’t really surprising considering that the koi wasn’t developed until the 1820s.

So the question now, “What is a Carp and What is a Koi? What’s the big difference between them?”

To help you better appreciate the stunning evolution of the koi, here’s everything you need to know about koi vs carp: what’s the big difference between them.

Koi Carp

Koi vs carp: what’s the big difference between them?

Despite the notable similarities between the koi and the carp, they are still pretty distinguishable – as soon as you know what specific characteristics to look for.

Koi vs carp: what’s the big difference? Here are the answers you’re looking for.

Koi Carp

Color Of Koi v Color of Carp

This is the most striking difference between the koi and the common carp fish.

The common carp is usually either a dark brown or a golden brown color.

Meanwhile, the koi comes in different colors and color combinations.

While the common carp looks pretty bleak, the koi comes in colors of red, yellow, orange, blue, white, and black – and there are numerous combinations of these colors, too!

Koi Carp

Koi Body Shape What Makes Them Different to Carp

Owing to selective breeding, the koi has developed a body shape quite distinct that from its ancestor.

While the common carp tends to be shorter and wider, especially around the midsection, the koi tends to grow longer.

The koi has a thick midsection and a fairly narrow head and tail, lending it a perfect torpedo shape.

Koi Carp

Who Is Bigger Koi Or Carp

Another notable difference between the koi and the carp is the size.

Since the koi has been developed under ideal conditions, it tends to be larger than the common carp fish.

On average, the koi tends to grow up to 28 inches while the common carp usually grows only up to 27 inches.

However, common carps can grow bigger than some koi. In fact, the largest carp caught weighed 105 pounds, several pounds heavier than Big Girl, the largest koi.

Koi Carp

Koi Fins v Carp Fins

Since the koi is an ornamental fish, its fins are also quite distinct from the common carp.

Whereas the common carp has a separated spine in their fins coupled with an elongated dorsal fin, the koi doesn’t have spine in their fins.

Instead, koi have beautiful flowy fins.

Koi Carp

What Makes Koi ScalesDifferent

A final distinction between the koi and the common carp is their scales.

Due to selective breeding, the koi has notably smaller, more symmetrical, and more curved scales than the common carp.

Koi Carp

Are Koi Fish Carp - Koi vs Carp: what’s difference?

The answer to the question koi vs carp: what’s difference? isn’t complicated at all.

Despite the fact that the koi originated from the common carp, these two breeds are actually quite easily distinguishable nowadays.

As long as you know what characteristics you’re looking for, you shouldn’t have any problem telling the koi and the carp apart.

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