What Koi Should You Buy For Your Pond

So you’ve finally decided that koi fishes are the best pets for you and the best addition to your home, but

you still have no idea which koi breeds to get.

Every breed is just so lovely and you can’t seem to pick just one.

Maybe you should just get one of each breed?

Well, let me stop you right there.

Fair enough, that’s your money and you can spend it however you want, but if you don’t want your money to go down the drain, then stay with me.

Today, I will help you choose the best koi fish for your first pond.

Believe me, you’ll thank me for this later.

But until you master the basics of taking care of your koi, try to stick with these three best koi fish for your first pond:

How to choose the right Koi for me

Choosing The Best Koi Fish For Your First Pond

Your taste and personal preferences are certainly factors worth considering when choosing the best koi fish for your first pond, but if you want to grow your successfully, then you have to go beyond looks.

For beginners, the best koi fishes are those which are hardy and less susceptible to diseases.

Once you get the hang of taking care of koi fishes, you can go get whichever breed strikes your fancy.

But until you master the basics of taking care of your koi, try to stick with these three best koi fish for your first pond:

Why Choose Kohaku Koi

The kohaku koi is one of the most popular koi varieties, even among beginners.

Its iconic red and white color combination will certainly add a simple yet elegant beauty to koi pond.

But more than its beauty, one reason why it’s one of the best koi fish for your first pondis its resilience and availability.

The kohaku is a hardy breed, making it fairly easy to take care of.

It’s not a very expensive breed either and one that you can readily find in most koi stores.

How do I choose a Koi

What about Ghost Koi

Some will argue that the ghost koi is not really a koi given its “wilder” origins, being a cross-breed between the koi and the common carp.

Its origins notwithstanding, this breed retains the beauty of koi fishes.

Its metallic appearance will certainly add an almost otherworldly beauty to your pool.

The ghost koi can be more expensive than other koi breeds, but it is not expensive.

Considering its resiliency and resistance to diseases, it’s a great investment for beginners.

Choosing Butterfly Koi

Like the ghost koi, there are people who will claim that the butterfly koi cannot be properly classified as koi, but once you see how beautiful this breed is, I’m sure you wouldn’t really mind.

Its graceful flowing fins are reminiscent of butterfly wings, earning this breed its name.

The butterfly koi can be a bit more expensive than other koi breeds, but its appearance and resiliency more than makes up for the price difference.

Buying Koi for your Pond

Taking care of koi is not rocket science, but it’s not entirely easy either.

The best way to approach being a koi enthusiast is to start taking care of hardy breeds before moving on to other varieties.

Good luck with your first step towards becoming a koi enthusiast!

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