What On Earth Is A Ghost Koi

What On Earth Is A Ghost Koi

What On Earth Is A Ghost Koi?

If you came here expecting to read about something supernatural, then I hate to break this to you – the ghost koi is just another variant of koi.

But although the ghost koi will not magically appear in your koi pond in the dead of night and give the rest of your koi fishes a heart attack, this breed is actually pretty interesting.

Here is all about ghost koi fish that you need to know.

Hopefully, this will help explain all about ghost koi fish’s sudden rise in popularity recently, if not motivate you to go get one.


All About Ghost Koi Fish Origins

Unlike other koi breeds, the ghost koi is actually of British origins.

The breed came about in 1980s when a farmer allowed a mirror carp to breed with a metallic Ogon Koi.

For this reason, many koi enthusiasts do not recognize the ghost koi as a true koi, considering that it is less domesticated than other breeds.

Its origins notwithstanding, there are still a lot of people who are fascinated by the ghost koi’s appearance and, as such, this koi variant is still being bred until now.


Ghost Koi

All About Ghost Koi Fish Appearance

The ghost koi earned its name because of its seemingly ghostly appearance when swimming to the depths of a pond.

The first ghost koi fishes had dark metallic scales, making them seemingly disappear underwater, with only the glistening of their scales giving up their location.

Over time, however, the ghost koi has been bred to have silver, cream, and golden coloring, all while maintaining its metallic sheen.

The typical ghost koi will usually have a metallic head and fins, as well as a metallic edge to all of its scales. Its body, meanwhile, will appear dark grey.

The lighter coloring of ghost koi at present have made this breed less ghostly in appearance, but the contrast between its metallic scales and dark grey body still lend this variant an almost ethereal appearance.

All About Ghost Koi Fish Attitude

A common fear among koi enthusiasts who have never owned a ghost koi before is that the breed might be too aggressive compared to other koi breeds.

To be fair, this is a valid concern considering that the ghost koi has a wilder heritage as opposed to the Japanese koi variants.

But if you’re already planning to introduce a ghost koi into your koi pond, there’s no need to worry.

The ghost koi is just as friendly as any other koi breeds and will certainly get along with the other koi in your pond.

In fact, the ghost koi is so friendly and food-driven that it will easily learn how to swim to your hand for some treats.

Ghost Koi

The ghost koi may have a relatively wilder heritage, but it’s actually the best koi for beginners.

Compared to other koi breeds, the ghost koi is hardier and less susceptible to diseases.

Note, however, that since the ghost koi is closer to the common carp, it is typically bigger than other koi breeds.

If you are looking for large koi for your pond though, this is perfect for you.

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