Where to Buy Koi Fry Online

Where to Buy Koi Fry Online

Where to Buy Koi Fry Online

Breeding koi fry is not for everyone. It is a time-consuming process that can result in injured parent fish and a failed group of eggs that never hatch. 

Still, caring for baby koi is a lot of fun and is worth the effort if you want to hand raise your own batch. 

Here are some of our favorite places to buy koi fry online!

A Little Preface

It is important to know upfront that most reputable koi breeders will not outright sell fertilized eggs or very young fry. They are too delicate to ship and generally would not survive the trip through the postal service. Due to this, none of the babies listed here are actual newborn koi fry. They are simply very young koi that are of age to safely travel. After all, healthy fish is the most important goal in any koi keeper’s mind when raising fish.

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Some Of the Options

Here are some of our picks for viable places to purchase very young koi fish via the internet.

While the name of the shop advertises goldfish, the company does, indeed, sell koi fish and other aquatic animals. This company sells some of the smallest fish easily found online. They have sizing all the way down to one inch and have the option to purchase lots of 5, 10, or 25 baby fish.

If you want an experience that is fairly close to actually raising your own clutch of babies, this company can provide one of the closest options. Ratings generally support that the brand provides healthy, well cared for fish that thrive when introduced to an established pond at their appropriate introduction size. Plus they have both standard and butterfly koi available!

If you want a large group of babies to begin your koi fry process, look no further than Koi to the World. The company produces a lot of stunning adult fish but for those looking to get their hands on some babies, the options are incredible!

One batch actually includes one-hundred baby koi fish, all at around one to two inches in length! These babies are in a variety of colors and patterns, giving you the ability to potentially raise some absolutely gorgeous adult koi in the future. Plus, the pricing works out to around just two dollars per koi, which is a fantastic deal if you were planning to buy in bulk anyway. The brand also offers free shipping as an extra purchasing perk, as well!

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While not as small as some of the other specimens on this list, Kloubec Koi Farms provides five to six-inch koi fish that are in an array of beautiful patterns. This breeder has turned out some absolutely stunning fish, many of which are for sale on their website alongside the smaller babies.

When looking through the inventory of this shop, it is easy to see that quality comes first. All of the fish look healthy and vibrant with absolutely gorgeous patterns and colorations. If you are hoping to find a koi that is unique and bright and do not mind working with a bit of a larger size, this is possibly the shop for you! They currently offer both bulk fish purchases and the ability to purchase individual smaller fish with ensured pattern styles, so definitely check out both categories if you are considering this shop!

Categorized as baby koi/peanuts on the brand’s website, Blackwater Creek Koi Farms Inc has a wide variety of koi at all sizes. The company notes on the peanut page that their baby koi are the result of careful, controlled breeding of Japanese koi carp. These fish are not culled, meaning you have a chance of getting rare patterns or interesting colors, alongside some of the more normally toned fish!

The brand actually notes that they do not cherry-pick out any specific fish, meaning if you buy a batch, you have the natural chances they normally do of pulling a truly spectacular fish! You can buy their koi in sets of 35-45, 100-125, and 150-200, depending on weight. All bulk orders have free shipping. The brand also offers specialty koi fry food that they, themselves, use on their shop that they recommend for the fry, especially if you are inexperienced with raising baby koi.

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Alternative Means for Buying Koi Fry Online

If these stores do not appeal to you, there are some other options out there. Of course, you could look for other full retailers but, sometimes, the best deals may be in your own backyard, so to speak!

Many people choose to give away fry instead of culling them via killing them. Check places like buy/sell/trade Facebook groups, Craigslist, local groups, and other hubs for people looking to give away koi fry or selling them; it is often cheaper to procure them this way and since there is less movement involved you can get them at a smaller age!

You could also make a post of your own asking if someone is looking to cull their koi fry. This is especially good, as you may change someone’s mind who would otherwise dispatch their koi. Just be sure you have a way to transport the fish safely from their old location to your holding area of choice and that everything is ready for you to raise the babies!

A Limited Resource Bank

While there is a very limited number of sellers for koi fry, you can still find some baby koi for relatively good prices within some retailers. Additionally, some shops do not list their babies directly on their site but would be willing to part with some for a fee. Do not be hesitant to reach out to customer service lines from various koi stores to see if a deal can be reached! Good luck!