Why Do People Get Koi Tattoos And What Do They Mean

Why Do People Get Koi Tattoos And What Do They Mean

Why Do People Get Koi Tattoos And What Do They Mean

Determining A Koi Tattoo’s Meaning

The ornamental and aesthetic value of koi go beyond koi ponds.

In fact, some people even opt to bring their koi with them wherever they go by having koi-patterned tattoos.

But more than its aesthetic value, koi tattoos often carry profound meanings.

So why do people get koi tattoos and what do they mean?

Here’s a handy guide in determining a koi tattoo’s meaning.




Why are koi tattoos popular?

Before determining a koi tattoo’s meaning, you might want to understand first why people get koi tattoos.

One of the top reasons is the aesthetic value of koi designs.

Koi fishes have intricate patterns and bright, vibrant colors which look really well when turned into tattoo designs.

Secondly, koi tattoos are meaningful as each kind of koi…each particular design holds a different meaning.

Koi tattoos are symbolic.

Lastly, koi tattoos tend to be unique.

I’m sure you’ve seen quite a number of people with butterfly or skull tattoos…

But those with koi tattoos tend to be rarer.

Getting a koi tattoo is one way of ensuring that you have a unique tattoo design.



What do koi tattoos mean?

As mentioned earlier, koi tattoos have different meanings.

The trick to determining a koi tattoo’s meaning is understanding the variations between different designs.

Here are some pointers in determining a koi tattoo’s meaning:




What do the Colours of a Koi Tattoo Mean

Different koi colors carry different meanings.

Black koi symbolizes overcoming an obstacle or celebrating fatherhood.

Black and white koi symbolizes life transformation and rebirth.

Blue koi symbolizes peace and serenity.

Pink koi symbolizes femininity.

Red koi symbolizes love and passion.

White koi symbolizes career success.

Yellow koi symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

Some koi tattoos combine these colors to symbolize a combination of different meanings and values.




Have you heard about the Pairing of Koi Fish in a Tattoo

The meaning of koi tattoos also changes depending on what the koi fish is paired with.

For example, a tattoo of a dragon and a koi represents strength and willpower.

This meaning stems from the ancient folklore which says that the koi which successfully swims upstream and passes the dragon’s gate would transform into a dragon.

Another common pairing is that of two koi fishes swimming alongside each other.

This represents the duality of life, balance between different forces, and harmony between opposites.




What else do people think about when getting a Koi Tattoo

The meaning of a koi tattoo also changes depending on what other elements are added to the design.

Including fire and water in a koi tattoo design represents balance and harmony or the coming together of opposites.

Meanwhile, including a lotus flower in a koi tattoo symbolizes pain, struggle, and growth.

The koi and the lotus are often combined in a design to represent a painful but eventually victorious transformation.

Here are just some tips in determining a koi tattoo’s meaning.

The meaning of a koi tattoo can’t be confined to any one meaning though.

Each design will carry very personal meanings that are specific to the people who behold them.

Well there you have it…

Having an idea of what each design means will help you gain better appreciation of koi tattoo designs!

And may even inspire you if you’re considering a koi tattoo design yourself.


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