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We’d love to invite you to share your experience with us and the Koi community through the form of a guest post (or regular posts if you’re interested).

Check out all the details related to submitting a guest post below. 

Guest Post Guidelines

Please review the following guidelines to ensure your guest post is approved and posted without delays. 

What content do we publish?

We typically publish information about Koi Fish, Koi Ponds and Koi Resources. 

We don’t sell Koi fish but occasionally we’ll have information about pricing and purchasing on top of the above. 

You’ll see the information we focus on by glancing over our list of categories to the right.

This list is fairly extensive yet it continues to grow as we add more useful information to the site and that’s why we’d love to have your help. 

To help make this site AMAZING…

The Go-To-Site for all things Koi!

Now, if you’re reading this then chances are you’re familiar with our articles that are posted here regularly. 

Or, if you’ve just come across us, then we invite you to check out the type of posts we publish to get an idea and feel for what we’re all about. 

What topics do we prefer publishing?

As you’ll see, we have a large range of articles and information on this site already, which has taken a few years to curate. 

The main or primary topics we prefer articles written on, are; 

  • All types of Koi Fish
  • Koi Ponds (Pumps, Filters, Maintenance Designs)
  • Koi Food (Feeding, Brands, Bulk options)
  • Best Koi Products, Resources and Supplies
  • Information for Beginners
  • Information about Breeds, Breeding and Baby Koi
  • Information about Koi Health and Protecting them from predators
If you have other topics you think would compliment the site and the support the community, please reach out to us too. 

When do we publish content?

We have been publishing articles every week and would like to add some guest blog posts just as frequently.

Once you’ve submitted an article please allow time for us to review, provide feedback and schedule in our existing calendar.

When we provide feedback, we’ll include information about how soon your article will be posted and made live.

What should you submit?

Please review the following list before submitting your guest blog post to ensure the process is as smooth as possible;

    • Your full name
    • Your profile photo and author bio (up to 300 words)
    • Your social media handles and/or website link
    • Your guest post (word count at least 500 words, maximum 2000)
    • Infographic or 5 images (size 600×400)
    • Video if possible

We also invite you to share any of your previous work to get to know you better. 

NOTE: see the bottom of the page for submitting guest blog posts. 

How do you submit content?

Simply supply your guest post along with the details listed below to;

Are there any costs for guest posts?

At this stage it’s free to submit a guest blog post.

What happens after my post has gone live?

Once your post goes live, please share with your friends via;

    • email
    • your website
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • and any other social media 

The more people who view your post, the better for you, me and all the readers.  

And we both want a win-win-win, right?!


If you have any queries about submitting a guest post, please email us at and we’ll respond as soon as possible!

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