You Paid How Much For That Koi Fish

You Paid How Much For That Koi Fish

You Paid How Much For That Koi Fish?​

Hailing from the common carp, the koi fish certainly has humble origins.

But surprise, surprise!

The koi fish has become one of the worlds most expensive pets.

Can you imagine paying a whopping 2.2 million dollars in today’s money for what is essentially just a fish.  Well that is the price that was once paid for a Koi fish a number of years back.

And that’s just one koi fish!

In this article, I will discuss expensive koi fish and why they are worth so much.
By the end of this article, you will have a better appreciation of expensive koi fish and why they are worth so much.


Koi Fish

Expensive koi fish and why they are worth so much

I know what you’re thinking: paying so much for a koi fish is insane!

But it’s actually not so crazy if you think about how much work goes into taking care of perfect koi fishes.

That said, there are several reasons why certain koi fishes are really expensive.

The Meaning of Koi

Here are some factors that make a koi fish so expensive:

  • Koi fishes are believed to bring luck. Being considered lucky, a lot of company owners and businessmen buy and take care of prized koi fishes, especially those that are rare or have won competitions.
  • It’s difficult to breed and take care of an award-winning koi fish. One of the reasons for an expensive koi fish and why they are worth so much is the fact that getting a flawless, practically perfect koi takes a lot of patience, hard work, and a certain degree of expertise. Think of it this way: around 500,000 koi fishes are bred annually, only around 50 are chosen for competitions and even fewer koi fishes win.
  • Taking care of high quality koi fishes uses up a lot of resources. In order to produce a perfect koi, a breeder must have several mature koi fishes to begin with. They have to be bred until perfect koi fishes emerge. Once a few young koi fishes emerge, the breeder needs to make sure that they are always well-fed and well-taken care of. Certain conditions must always be met to make sure that the koi fishes remain in tip-top shape. For example, award-winning koi fishes need to have a vibrant, orange-red markings. These markings are difficult to maintain and making sure that koi fishes retain this coloration takes patience and expertise.
  • Rare, perfect koi fishes are viewed as status symbol. Koi fishes are fairly easy to breed, but it’s quite difficult to breed flawless breeds that meet competition level criteria. The rarity of perfect koi fishes is what drives up their value and what makes them highly coveted among the rich.
Koi Fish
Koi fishes are certainly living works of art. After all, why else would these fishes be valued by so many people all over the world? For a lot of koi breeders and enthusiasts, these fishes are so much more than just decorations. Koi fishes are such lovely pets and for a lot people, they hold a profound meaning. All these factors contribute to expensive koi fish and why they are worth so much.