Your Guide to Koi Pond Decorations

Your Guide to Koi Pond Decorations

Ideas to Help You Choose Koi Pond Decorations

Koi ponds, as a whole, are visually striking. 

Providing a sort of naturalistic elegance, the combination of the softly flowing water and landscaping with the movement and colors of the fish creates whimsical, almost unreal and beautiful addition that has a place in any yard. 

Here are some ideas for decorating your koi pond and curating it to suit your desired aesthetic.

Your Guide to Koi Pond Decorations
Central Pieces

One of the easiest ways to customize your koi pond is with a central piece or focal point. Here are some of our favorite examples.

1. Statues

Adding a statue either to the water itself or near the pond provides a striking juxtaposition to the natural beauty of the pond. Many people have recently opted for a sort of Asian inspired piece to settle well against the koi, who are native to Japan. Another popular choice has been angelic inspired pieces, especially those that double as water fixtures.

Your Guide to Koi Pond Decorations
2. Water Fixtures

As mentioned in the previous section, water fixtures are perhaps one of the most popular choices for accessorizing a pond. These are stunning from a visual standpoint and offer tons of different customization options, as you can opt for a classic, minimalist stone waterfall or a massive statue based piece. Either way, water fixtures are actually beneficial to your pond, as they provide water circulation which helps prevent waste accumulation and stops the water from becoming stagnant.

3. Viewing Windows

If you enjoy watching your koi, adding in a viewing window will take your enjoyment to the next level. These fiberglass windows allow you to see your fish as they swim about, not just during feeding times when they come to the surface. Watching them interact is a fantastic way to enrich any outdoor area and create a focal point, plus it gives you the opportunity to more closely monitor your fish and provide maintenance to the pond’s internal workings as needed.

Your Guide to Koi Pond Decorations
4. Walkways

Adding a little functional flair to the pond, those with larger setups may benefit from adding in a walkway to their pond. This not only lets you walk over the area and increases traffic through your space, but also looks gorgeous. There are two different styles that are typical, one being bridges or raised walkways that are out of the water and the other being stones or bricks placed inside of the pond itself to provide a more lowkey option that does not distract from the full aesthetic of the pond.

Non-Traditional Takes

If you want something a little more fun or unique, these options will be a little more up your alley!

1. Viewing Bubbles

A bit of a strange concept that looks interesting and somewhat futuristic, these are simple glass bubbles that the fish can swim into and be more easily viewed. Whether you opt for something small and simplistic or crazy and eye catching, like this option made from an upside down glass jar, these are super interesting pieces that are especially awesome if you have children who want to see the fish but are perhaps too small to be comfortably allowed close to the water’s edge.

2. Heavy Planting

While some plants are always a good idea for koi and provide extra oxygenation and filtration, heavily planting your pond with lots of different plants creates an interesting aesthetic that is pretty and more naturalistic. These plants are usually rather easy to maintain and add equity to your pond and space, creating something truly special and unique. Certain plants actually provide special benefits to the pond, as well, so do your research and figure out what exactly best suits your pond’s design.

Your Guide to Koi Pond Decorations

Koi ponds are incredibly customizable. 

It is what makes them such a fun and interesting piece to add to any yard or space. 

Play around and create something truly special and one of a kind! 

Your koi will thrive with all of their fun, new decor pieces.