Your Swimming Pool – To Convert Or Not To Convert

Your Swimming Pool – To Convert Or Not To Convert

To Convert Or Not To Convert – Your Swimming Pool Is The Question

Say you just moved in to a new house with a backyard pool, or maybe you already have your own pool, but you really want to have a koi pond.

Is it possible to convert your swimming pool into a koi pool? Should you?

Asking yourself “swimming pool or koi pool?” won’t give you answers.

Lucky for you, I’m here to help settle that question once and for all.

Swimming pool or koi pool?

There are a couple of reasons why you might want to go for a koi pool.

Swimming Pool Or Koi Pool?

To settle your “swimming pool or koi pool?” dilemma, here are two compelling reasons why it’s better to convert your swimming pool into a koi pool.

First, The Conversation Is Pretty Easy And Affordable

Converting a swimming pool into a koi pool is a lot easier than constructing a koi pond from scratch.

If you do not have much use for a swimming pool and you want to take care of koi fishes, you’re better off converting your swimming pool.

Converting your swimming pool into a home for your koi is really just a matter of draining the pool, thoroughly cleaning it (you have to make sure that there is no chlorine residue in the pool), and installing equipment and fixtures.

You might also want to change the color of the pool.

Many people who opt to convert their swimming pool into a koi pool decide to switch their pool color into a darker color to provide better contrast with the vibrant color of the fishes.

Second, A Koi Pool Is Certainly More Environment Friendly Than A Swimming Pool

Another reason you might want to convert your swimming pool into a koi pool is its positive impact in the environment.

If you’ve designed your home around making sure that its construction is eco-friendly, then converting a swimming pool into a koi pond will help you achieve your goal.

Swimming pools tend to waste a lot of water and maintaining one requires the use of chemicals which are harmful not only to the environment, but also to your health.

A koi pond, on the other hand, is a miniature ecosystem that will bring a refreshing change to your residence.

The aquatic plants which you will put in your koi pool will help regulate the oxygen in the water.

So as long as you set up your koi pool carefully, you have a pretty much self-regulating ecosystem which will not harm the environment with its byproduct.

Think about it: you have gorgeous pets which you will enjoy watching at any given day and you will be able to put that swimming pool into better use.

That said, if you still haven’t asked yourself the question “swimming pool or koi pool?”, then maybe it’s about time you start exploring your options.

You might be surprised at how big of an improvement a koi pool could be to your backyard.

Trust me, it’s a better use of space!

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