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Welcome to Totally Koi

It’s great to have you here at the essential site about Koi fish.

At Totally Koi, we are Koi Kichi (crazy for Koi) and noticed that it isn’t easy to always find up to date information about Koi.

Over the years we have learnt more and more about Koi that gives us great joy.

We have also found solutions along the way to a lot of questions when it comes to caring for Koi.

And so, Totally Koi was born.

Why Totally Koi?

Over the past half a decade we have put together a library of tips, tricks and stories to help those new and experienced in caring for Koi fish.

So why do we do it?

I guess we could keep this information to ourselves,

but when we bought our first fry home it wasn’t easy to find information guide us…

Well, we decided that we want to share all the information we learnt with you.

We want you to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy your Koi!

Nothing worse than being out of the loop!

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Getting Started With Koi Fish

Getting The Most Out Of Totally Koi...

Whether you’re new or experienced with Koi fish as a hobby you’ll find useful information checking out our best koi fish resources here…

Check Out Our Koi Fish Articles

If you’re looking to read more about Koi fish, check out our Totally Koi Articles. You’ll find a range of topics covering caring for Koi fish, such as which Koi food is best or what filter is best for your Koi pond.

Use the search or list of categories to help you find what you’re looking for or just take a look around the site…you may find some handy tips and tricks to make it easier to care for your Koi fish.

Thank you so much for following us and joining our Koi community! We’re grateful to be able to guide you on your journey to becoming Totally Koi!

Nothing worse than being out of the loop!

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Yes it is free!!

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Where Totally Koi Started?

The Oldest Koi Fish...Is Where It All Started!

Hi my name is Barry,

Some years ago I was visiting family in the UK and we happened to travel to Springbank Koi and got talking to the owners.

They were so passionate about Koi Fish and really loved what they did.

They told me so many stories about some of the oldest koi fish that they had the pleasure of having in their family.

Plus seeing some of the  Largest Koi Fish that I had ever seen!

I seriously could not believe that these amazing looking fish grew to the ages that they were telling me!

This time in the UK really got me interested in Koi Fish.

So over the years, I’ve been learning so much about Types of Koi and how to care for Koi Fish.

In my view, I’m really only new to the Koi world with a bit over 10 years of experience in learning about Koi.

Hence why I call myself a Koi Enthusiast, I’m definitely not a Koi Expert (yet).

I really do hope that you enjoy my passion site.

If you’re like me and are curious about seeing some of the Oldest Koi Fish on the planet and if you like my website then please share it with your fellow Koi friends.

Barry Flanigan

Koi Fish enthusiast